Home Sports Shower of praise for Acosta who is having a great time "really good"

Shower of praise for Acosta who is having a great time "really good"

Shower of praise for Acosta who is having a great time "really good"

Pedro Acosta It was one of the sensations of the day in Qatar. In his official debut in MotoGP, his first real day with the big guys, he stood out in dry and wet conditions. He even enjoyed a spectacular ‘save’. “Impressive,” someone said. “He’s coming to take over the world,” Marc Mrquez said. “He is a great talent,” everyone agrees. The rookie, meanwhile, says he is having fun like he has in a long time.

Summary of the day

“Super happy. We have to be happy because we have improved compared to the test in some points where we were losing in silly things, quite a few things. And in water we have improved a lot, because we started out that it was something almost embarrassing, let’s say, because it was the worst last year’s result. Last year we took steps, but more power, different tires, the bike that goes down, too… they are different things. We tried in Malaysia and it went well, within the short time it lasted, because I fell for it.” .

Improvement compared to the test.

“I have never been a guy who found it so easy to go through corners as fast as the three at the end, 12-13-14, we have improved a lot, above all, the ‘feeling’ (sensations). It is true that “The things that the official team had have come, that we tested in Malaysia and the bike is a little more stable, the bike turns a little better. We are working on it.”

Expect today. “We have had a good preseason, we have been good, but the truth is that we haven’t. You can never… I think that not even the official MotoGP riders can say if they are going to expect to be ahead one day, because the top 16 are in 0.5. So “What are you going to expect? For a tenth you’re out. We have to be happy, we have to live it day by day, because things like this don’t happen every day.”

Go fluid on the motorcycle.

“It’s a bit like I’ve been taught to drive in recent years. I got the information I needed from here, I took it home and trained that. I didn’t care if I went slower, I didn’t care if they beat me, I didn’t care. everything. I wanted to be better at what they told me. I think that was a bit of what KTM has tried, to soften everything a bit because perhaps I arrived as an overly aggressive Pedro, who was doing well at some points of the year, but at others. .. as I remember the first year, I was winning five races or so and in Silverstone I think I did the 15th. On circuits that are a little more fluid, such as Assen or Silverstone, Malaysia a little, we have been smoothing that out a bit. The first thing they told me when I arrived at MotoGP was: ‘the slower you do things, the better they will turn out’. Little by little we are understanding this so that it comes out more naturally because it is not easy to change things overnight.” .

Where do you see it in the Sprint?

“I think doing Practice in the morning is going to be better for me because at the time I raced in Moto2 and Moto3, that was when the sun was in your eyes and I don’t have as much experience racing at night as they do. As long as Come night, it’s a little harder for me. I’m glad it’s in the morning, but that’s not going to do the job. Once we do Practice tomorrow, we’ll see. We all know how MotoGP riders play, what they put in. a soft tire and they go: ‘bang’ and they break the track record.”


“I’ve seen it. It’s been cool. It’s nice when you’re in that moment that everything is going well for you, that everything is moving forward, that people are working well, that you feel well, so let’s hope to continue in this moment for a long time.” .

Key to the ‘saved’.

“I think KTM has had a lot of ‘fault’ in this. In the end, I’ve been on a KTM since I was 13, that’s seven. The DNA of the bike is there, it hasn’t changed, they know how to make bikes that win. I “I still have to get used to many things, I have to get used to them, because changing teams after four years is not easy. KTM has made me work on the right path.”

Practice with the supermotard.

“Doing supermoto, lately I’ve been trying to touch the handlebars on the ground. It still doesn’t work for me. Especially with small bikes. I have a 65cc, with which I’m going to train with kids and, in the end, the kids, when you “You’re older, whether you like it or not, they squeeze you with small motorcycles. They always make me go with the hook and look for a life. I’m scared day after day too. The winter has been worth a lot.”

Enjoying his debut.

“In Moto3 I didn’t enjoy it very much. I enjoyed the first four races I won. Then, when I grew up I stopped enjoying it a little bit. I’m having a great time, really good because I stand in the box and you can see my smile when they filmed me. “When I stopped in Valencia, I said it, that I hadn’t smiled like that for two years, since I got on a Moto2. I really appreciated the jump to Moto2 and I appreciate the jump to MotoGP even more.”