Home News Shooting at busy market in Rakhine, 12 killed

Shooting at busy market in Rakhine, 12 killed

Shooting at busy market in Rakhine, 12 killed

There was a shooting incident in a busy market in Myanmar’s Rakhine state yesterday. It has been reported that at least 12 people have been killed. More than 80 people were injured. Reuters reported this information in a report.

The Arakan Army (AA), an anti-junta armed group, said the Myanmar military had deployed a warship near Sitt, the capital of Rakhine. From there yesterday they shelled Myoma market. These casualties occurred at this time.

However, the Myanmar military government has counter-complained. In a statement on state-owned television channel Mayawati, the junta government said the Arkan Army had shelled Mioma Bazar.

Reuters said they could not verify the counterclaims of the two sides. Because the junta government has restricted internet and mobile data flow in Sitte and its surrounding towns for the past few days. As a result, it has become difficult to communicate there.

The People’s Democratic Forces (PDF), a coalition of anti-junta armed groups, launched a coordinated offensive against Myanmar’s junta forces in several states in October last year. Three factions of the PDM, the Democratic Alliance Army (MNDA), the Arakan Army (AA) and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) are leading the conflict. These three groups are collectively known as the Three Brotherhood Alliance.

The PDF has captured at least 40 cities in Myanmar and at least 5 provinces, including the important Shan province, in the past four months of conflict. Most recently, the Arakan Army is on the verge of occupying the Rakhine province bordering Bangladesh.