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Shoaib-Sania Divorce and Our ‘Mirza Malik Show’

by Afonso
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So far, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik have shown ‘Mirza Malik Show’ to the audience. Now the audience has started watching shows with them. Since everyone has an account on social media and a channel on YouTube, it’s only natural that a large audience will not hesitate to watch the ‘Bhao Chheme’ show.

Analyzing the inherent character and past history of social media, it can be seen that on any viral issue, Bengali society is divided into two parts. But the Mirza-Malik issue shows the opposite character. They pretty much agree that the fault lies with Shoaib Malik and that he has committed an unforgivable despicable act of marriage on his head like a third father.

Since yesterday, ‘Chh Malik Chh’ type consonants are seen more and more all over Facebook.

For those who still don’t understand the Mirza Malik issue, let’s say in a line, Indian tennis star Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricketer show Malik have been rumored to be divorced for a long time, but no official announcement has been heard from anyone. Meanwhile yesterday, Shoaib Malik revealed the news of new marriage. According to Shoaib’s Instagram post, he is married to a Pakistani actress named Sana Javed.

Since then, the social media has been abuzz with chirpy sounds. How could Shoaib remarry Sania without divorcing her? He has no sense of conscience, so does he have no eyesight?’ Such comments are floating on Facebook.

But the mainstream media says that it was Sania who divorced Shoaib, not Shoaib. And that was long ago. Sania Mirza’s father Imran Mirza said in an Indian media yesterday that every girl has the right to ‘open up’. That is, his daughter divorced Shoaib.

Facebook revolutionaries are also writing various statements about why the divorce happened or why Sania Shoaib was separated for a long time. The main tone of their writing is, Sania is reckless, Sania is self-reliant and extremely independent, Sania does not listen to Shoaib, does not respect him, etc.

But in the statement given by Shoaib Malik’s sister and sister’s husband in the Pakistani media, the responsibility for the separation lies not on Sania, but on Shoaib Malik. They said that they are not satisfied with this marriage. They wanted Shoaib Sania’s family to survive. But for Shoaib, it did not happen. He could not be turned away from the relationship with several extramarital women. Sania could not accept this and sent the separation notice.

So there is no need to look at the whole world through your own glasses. Nor is it foolish to walk in other people’s shoes. Every person’s life is different. Every person’s life is different. None of us know, exactly what reality Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza have taken this tough decision to go through. As Sania Mirza wrote on her social media a few days ago – ‘Marriage is difficult. Divorce is also difficult. Choose your difficulty. ‚Ķlife is never easy. It’s always difficult. But you can choose your hard. Choose.’

So we can’t say anything for sure. No heartbreak can be seen with the naked eye. We can only speculate. We can only guess from Sania’s social media posts that she might have been going through a tough time. Time was not on his side. Time may not have been on Shoaib’s side either. But since Shoaib has not given any post, it becomes difficult for us to guess.

However, considering some contemporary researches, some surveys, some phenomena, we can make an idea. For example, a 2020 study published on Researchgate says that the divorce rate among educated people is increasing all over the world. Divorce rates are higher in cities than in rural areas. And recently 70 percent of divorces are by women. In the case of Sania and Shoaib, all this is going well. They are highly educated and urban. And the separation has also taken place from Sania’s side.

We can also take into consideration that Shoaib was married to Ayesha before Sania. Saniya also got engaged to another person. She broke off that engagement and married Shoaib. Sana Javed, whom Shoaib married for the third time, was previously married to a musician named Umayer Jaswal. She broke that family and married Shoaib. Taking all this into consideration, marriage is becoming a matter of panic day by day?

Sociologists say, it depends on environment, situation, geographical location, past traditions etc. For example, in the African country of Mauritania, marriage and divorce are very common. Divorce is performed there by beating the drum, dancing and singing, putting henna on the hands and grandiose arrangements.

In Mauritania, a country that is almost 100% Muslim, a man goes through five to 10 marriages. Some are even said to have married 20 times. The New York Times said, the people of Mauritania are a nomadic species. They are a matriarchal caste. Multiple marriages and divorces are their tradition for thousands of years. According to some, Mauritania has the highest divorce rate in the world. But there is no written evidence of this, as most divorces are verbal.

The divorce rate is also high in Saudi Arabia. Citing the country’s Ministry of Law, Saudi media Al Hayat says that seven divorces are taking place every hour in Saudi Arabia.

Divorce rate is also increasing in Pakistan among South Asian countries. A 2019 survey by research firm Gallup & Geelani Pakistan found that 58 percent of Pakistanis said divorce was on the rise in the country.

According to researchers, in modern capitalist society, due to personality conflicts, lack of mutual respect and trust, leap in technology, availability of dating apps, etc., restlessness, frustration, mental exhaustion have increased among people all over the world and these factors are accelerating divorce.

It cannot be said for sure whether these factors also acted as a catalyst behind Shoaib-Sania’s divorce. Because every person lives differently. It is not possible for any of us to know all the details of that life. But since we have social media and everyone owns a channel, and since it is easy to do ‘whatever your heart desires’ without any censorship, we can make our own ‘Mirza Malik Show’.

Who is there to raise questions about these?


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