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She slept with her dead husband for 4 years

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A woman slept with her dead husband’s mummy for not one day, not two days, but almost four nights. Not only that, inspired by the ancient Egyptian religion, he also performed various rituals with the mummy. Such sensational events happened in Russia.

US media New York Post reports that 50-year-old Svetlana lived with her husband’s body. He also warned his children that no one outside should know about this incident. And if they say, they will be sent to the orphanage.

In 2020, 49-year-old Vladimir died after falling during an argument with his wife. Earlier his wife wished her husband dead during a quarrel. After Vladimir’s death, his wife thinks that her husband is pretending. A few hours later, Vladimir’s eldest daughter realizes this and asks about her father.

Vladimir had two daughters and two twin children. Recently a social worker went to Vladimir’s house to look for his children. He went there and discovered the mummy. The social worker visited the house several times since 2021 but only this time saw the mummy. She later searched the house and found an Egyptian cross, tarot cards, amulets and images of animal skulls at her mummified husband’s feet.

Meanwhile, when his wife was asked about Vladimir before the body was recovered, she said that her husband had gone to Tibet to learn alternative medicine. Wladimir reportedly had leg problems. Because he did not want to wear shoes even in cold weather.

After Vladimir’s body was found, it was assumed that his wife had a mental illness. Currently, the woman and her four children are being examined for mental health.

The Russian Investigative Committee says any charges in the case will be based on the results of forensic medical tests and necessary verification procedures.


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