Home News She escaped attention for half a century. Scientists have discovered a huge volcano on Mars

She escaped attention for half a century. Scientists have discovered a huge volcano on Mars

She escaped attention for half a century.  Scientists have discovered a huge volcano on Mars

Scientists have confirmed the existence of a huge volcano on Mars, which escaped their attention for more than half a century. Space probes orbiting the planet have imaged it ever since the NASA Mariner 9 probe was sent in 1971, but its surface was too eroded.

Its existence was announced by scientists at the 55th Conference on Lunar and Planetary Science in Woodlands, Texas, USA. It is reported by the LiveScience website.


The volcano has not yet been officially named. It is located in the east of the Tharsis volcanic region near the equator of Mars. The area is also home to the largest known volcano in the Solar System, Olympus Mons.

The scientific team discovered a thin volcanic deposit in its southeastern part, under which a glacier is probably still present. This could make the volcano a “prime site” for astrobiological research and the search for signs of extraterrestrial life.

“This combined giant volcano and possible glacier discovery is significant because it points to an exciting new place to study the geological evolution of Mars over time, search for life, and explore with robots and humans in the future,” the researchers said in a report.


“Last year we were investigating the geology of the area where we found the remains of the glacier when we realized we were inside a huge and deeply eroded volcano,” said project leader Pascal Lee of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) at NASA Ames Research Center in American California.

Scientists still don’t know the answers to many questions, including how long the volcano has been active. If it was long enough, it’s possible that the combination of persistent heat and water from the ice sheet beneath the volcano created the perfect conditions for life, the authors said.

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