Home News Shanta praised Rishad, but also expressed his objections

Shanta praised Rishad, but also expressed his objections

Shanta praised Rishad, but also expressed his objections

Under the pressure of the team, then raised a storm. Rishad Hossain left the field after winning the match and the series with an unbeaten innings of 48 runs from 18 balls. Earlier, his leg spin in bowling gave 51 runs in 9 overs but brought the important wicket of Kushal Mendis. All in all, the cricket lovers of Bangladesh are in an emotional state today with Man of the Match Rishad Hossain.

However, Bangladesh captain Nazmul Hossain Shantar has objection to it. At the press conference after the match, he said that there is no need to get emotional about Rishad right now.

Cricket lovers of Bangladesh see the possibility of forgetting their big regret in Rishad. The experience of only 3 ODIs and 9 T20Is in the Bangladesh jersey so far does not allow Rishad to inflate the balloon of expectations, but his ‘profile’ is enough to raise expectations.

No need to get too excited right now. There is a lot of room for improvement.

– Bangladesh captain Shanto objected to Rishad Hossain’s praise

He is a leg spinner, which has been lacking in Bangladesh cricket for a long time. Secondly, his height and fielding skills make Rishad a great asset in places like deep square leg, long on, long off. And after the swashbuckling fifty in the third T20 against Sri Lanka, Tandbe’s match-winning 48 runs in the third ODI today says that Rishad’s batting in the international arena will also give hope for runs in Bangladesh’s late order.

Whether these possibilities will materialize or not, the future will tell. But his international experience so far is only 12 matches! Rishad’s potential therefore not only dreams, but he also prevents overdoing it.

Maybe that’s why, Shantar also objects to excesses with Rishad. At the press conference after the match, after the question about Rishad’s bowling, when he was asked about his batting and fielding, the Bangladesh captain said, ‘Yes, I think he is a very good fielder. The batting is improving slowly. Bowling is definitely very important. Bowling today as well! He took an important wicket. It’s definitely good for the team. No need to get too excited just yet though. There is a lot of room for improvement.’

However, withholding praise as much as is necessary, one of the youngest members of the team praised Rishad quite rightly, ‘We don’t have a leg spinner. If he’s seen since the last New Zealand series…I think he’s bowling well. Also, the batting seems to have improved from what it was in the New Zealand series. However, there is much room for improvement. Working on it. Of course I am very happy (about Rishad). If such players are in the team, it is definitely much easier for the captain.

But international cricket is the stage of proof, domestic cricket is the stage of preparation. And there are always less opportunities for leg spinners like Rishad in domestic cricket in Bangladesh. Earlier, Shanto, who requested more opportunities for spinners like Rishad in domestic cricket, reminded once again after the match today, ‘Normally everyone gets a chance in the national team by playing domestic cricket. Now he plays in the national team, but does not get a chance in domestic cricket. I won’t say it’s disappointing, but the management should take care of the team he plays for.’