Home Sports Shakira’s free concerts in Mexico, Rio de Janeiro and Bogotá to present ‘Women no longer cry’

Shakira’s free concerts in Mexico, Rio de Janeiro and Bogotá to present ‘Women no longer cry’

Shakira’s free concerts in Mexico, Rio de Janeiro and Bogotá to present ‘Women no longer cry’

DAfter so much expectation, song releases and previews, Shakira’s promotion continues for his album ‘Women no longer cry’, which everyone knows the origin and inspiration for the separation of Gerard Piqué in the year 2022. And just as it happened a few days ago in the middle of Times Square in New York, with more than 40,000 people who were able to enjoy it, it seems that The shows will extend to Mexico City, Bogotá and Rio de Janeiro.

An It is not confirmed, at least it is not official, but it is already given as a fact that ‘Shaki’ will be in these main cities, taking advantage of the success of the songs released and the different editions of his new album. And the fact is that, just as there are 4 different editions and that They are identified with 4 precious stones of different colors, also their free presentations would be 4 on the American continent.

Diamond (white), sapphire (blue), emerald (green) and ruby ​​(red), those are the colors of the covers and thus the clues have been given about the cities in which the Barranquilla one will land with its free surprise presentations. Just like the one he already did on March 26 in the best-known corner in the world.

What is known about Shakira’s free performances of ‘Las mujeres ya no Llorn’?

After the interviews that Shakira gave to media around the world, speaking very harshly about her ex-partner and father of her children Milan and Sasha, It seemed that the show she gave in New York was a gift to those who have supported her in the American market. Furthermore, it is clear that The 47-year-old artist’s career has not focused on a single country, a single language or a single culture, with the ‘Capital of the World’ being the best place to represent it..

But after that presentation, images and videos began to appear in which the aforementioned precious stones can be seen falling in different cities: Diamonds appeared in New York, emeralds in Mexico City, sapphires in Rio de Janeiro, and rubies in Bogotá.. But if the images were very telling, already knowing what happened in Times Square, later publications related to the music industry came out that revealed everything:

‘Women No Longer Cry’ is coming to a city near you. Stay tuned for what’s coming from Shakira

And if the order of the video or the logic of starting in the north of America and ending in the capital of Colombia is maintained, the next stop is the capital of Mexico. Something that coincided with the VIX platform’s announcement about a free presentation and that will go for this signal: “The party that paralyzed Times Square and all Latinos comes to VIX tomorrow (Saturday, March 30). Shakira gives us a sample of her latest album: Las Mujeres No Ya Lloran”.

The publication was shared on the Colombian’s own profiles, giving substance and increasing the great expectation for what this new surprise could be.

Now you have to be very attentive to Shakira’s social networks, since the time and place of the meeting with her fans will be announced through this means, just as he informed New Yorkers that he was going to be in Times Square on March 26 and he complied with everyone. Beyond that Some have criticized her for doing ‘playback’ or ‘dubbing’ of her songs.since his voice was not heard live and the sounds were closer to the studio tracks.

Independent of What is happening with Shakira’s personal life, which is becoming better and more stable, after the separation from Gerard Piqué and leaving behind those with the Treasury of Spain, The artistic part is at the top and it seems that they will continue ‘billing’ and applying that ‘Women no longer cry’.