Home Sports Shakira explodes on Piqué: she calls him "Voldemort" and debunks the biggest myth of their separation

Shakira explodes on Piqué: she calls him "Voldemort" and debunks the biggest myth of their separation

Shakira explodes on Piqué: she calls him "Voldemort" and debunks the biggest myth of their separation

Dsince the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqu, which occurred in mid-2022, the versions about what happened between them have given rise to many publications, versions and rumors. However, almost 2 years later, the Colombian spoke to make clarifications and refer to her next album called ‘Women no longer cry’phrase taken from the collaboration with Bizarrap called ‘Music Sessions Vol. 53’.

In a interview with the British media The Times, the woman born in Barranquilla had a new release, something that has happened on several occasions in recent months through songs and interviews. However, this time had certain exits that not only showed changes and things that he dares to say and, also, to deny.

What happened in Shakira and Piqué’s relationship, according to the singer?

In one of ‘Shak’s toughest and most sincere responses, she explained what was happening between her and the former Barcelona and Spain national team player:

I put my career on pause because of Gerard Piqu. There were many sacrifices for love. For a long time I stopped everything to be by his side so he could play football… For a long time I put my career on hold to be by his side.

And as a reflection, after having shared a 12-year relationship with ‘Geri’, the 47-year-old woman He explained the big difference between his life in the world of music and what happens with a highly competitive soccer player or athlete: “Empathy is key in the work of an artist. An athlete is in a constant state of war and has to avoid empathy at all costs. That is why it is probably a very bad idea for an artist to associate with an athlete”.

For some people, Shakira monetized and took advantage of the break with the current businessman of events related to sports and technologybut his point of view is very different, especially because of the process that it meant to bring those feelings to his music, lyrics and videos.

There were so many pieces in my life that fell apart before my eyes that I had to rebuild myself somehow, picking up the bones from the ground and putting them all together. And the glue that held it all together was music

That’s right, Shakira was clear when deny that his ex-partner’s infidelity with Clara Cha was discovered because in his house he began to run out of the jam that the others did not consume: “That is not true”.

Shakira and the songs about Gerard Piqu, her Voldemort

That character, the baddest villain in the Harry Potter saga who was not mentioned out of fear and who it was better not to talk about, It has been used in Colombia and many Spanish-speaking countries to refer to those people of whom it is better to refer. Well today Shakira is ready to talk about that ‘villain’ in her story and that’s why she refers to Gerard Piquexplaining that the ‘ultimate’ sanction could be the closure of the songs of relief about what has been experienced and suffered.

About Voldemort? The one who cannot be named? I hope it’s the last song I write about this, and about it… I felt like there was something still there, stuck in my throat, and I needed to get it out. I played it to Sony’s marketing manager and he started crying. I have never seen a man cry before in my studio

This is how he explained the decision to release a new song, after what was the string of singles and collaborations: ‘Te felicito’ with Rauw Alejandro, ‘Monotona’ with Ozuna, ‘Music Sessions Vol. 53’ with Bizarrap, ‘TQG’ (Te Qued Grande) with Karol G‘The Boss’ with Ruled Force.

About this new release for 2024, which has these collaborations and a few others with a variety of sounds and a lot of feeling for her new life, the Colombian explained to The Times that it is “an emotional mix, strident and vulnerable, that oscillates between pop, rap, reggaeton and ballad… it represents the transformation of pain into creativity, frustration into productivity, anger into passion and vulnerability into resilience”.

There was a lot of criticism for bringing his situation to the public sphere, with songs about what he experienced with Gerard Piqué in more than 10 years of relationship, from which his children Milan and Sasha emerged. But heThe singer from Barranquilla explained that external things began to happenas that Sergio Ramos himself gave him a Latin Grammy at the ceremony held in Spain.

To address the questions against him, he explained that this entire context was “a cosmic joke… (to) exorcise many demons (that) were tormenting” Furthermore, far from regret or any lamentation, ‘Shaki’ justified it like this: “Feels good”.

Separation of Shakira and Piqu for Milan and Sasha

There have also been a series of questions and criticisms because, according to many, little Milan (11 years old) and Sasha (9 years old) They have been left in the middle of that battle between their parents. But the loving mother dismisses it outright and tells about that particular situation of facing the separation, leaving Barcelona to live in Miami, in addition to everything that has happened in the media with his family:

They know that there is only one way to live life and that is to accept pain. And each of us has different ways of doing it.

Punctually, The Milan case has been questioned, since she herself has said that she collaborated on new songs and has given him credit for helping her find the courage to make the aforementioned dedications to her father. Well no regrets on this particular issue either and that is why the renowned artist stated the following in the interview with the British media:

When his father and I were going through our separation, he wrote two incredible songs, the kind that make you cry.

Among many things that took place in the interview, Shakira was firm in explaining what happened at face the case of tax evasion to the Treasury in Spain. He did not want to talk in detail about what this issue meant and what it exposed, moreover, his private life and preferred to give the background of what this meant for his family: “I was determined to defend my innocence in a trial that my lawyers were confident would have ruled in my favor, I made the decision to finally resolve this matter taking into account the best interests of my children”.

Well, this interview is not only a relief, it was also clarifying and serves as an opening to what the new songs from ‘Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran’ could besince the launch is coming in 2024 and this entire novel will be revived for a while longer.