Home News Shakib’s ‘Prince’ in Burj Khalifa, how much does it cost?

Shakib’s ‘Prince’ in Burj Khalifa, how much does it cost?

Shakib’s ‘Prince’ in Burj Khalifa, how much does it cost?

Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan’s new movie ‘Rajkumar’ is releasing on the upcoming Eid. Before that, the trailer is being opened in Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The promotion of the movie will officially start from there. How much money will it cost to promote a movie in Burj Khalifa?

Recently, ‘Iftar with Team Rajkumar’ was organized by Versatile Media at an elite hotel in the capital. Producer Ershad Adnan made this announcement there. It is known that this surprise of Rajkumar is coming on Shakib’s birthday (March 28) for the fans.

According to Dubai-based media Arabian Business, a one- to three-minute film or advertisement in Burj Khalifa costs from two and a half million dirhams to about one million dirhams. In Bangladeshi taka, this figure starts from about 70 lakhs to 3 crore taka.

Himel Ashraf, Shakib Khan and Ershad Adnan at Iftar with Team Rajkumar.  Photo: Facebook/SK Films

‘Burj Khalifa in Emer’ calculates the cost of running various advertisements or movie promotions. They take this money by calculating time and day. However, this amount changes on weekends.

Dubai-based marketing agency ‘Mullen Lo Mena’ did the entire job of running the campaign in this 165-storey building. The money has to be deposited with them at least 4 weeks before the movie trailer-teaser or advertisement is aired. Also, the content of the campaign has to be submitted on this day. Any music can also be added to the display while running the campaign. The agency does not have to pay any money separately for this.

Incidentally, Shakib Khan’s heroine in the movie Rajkumar is American citizen Courtney Coffey. Directed by ‘Priyatma’ famous director Himel Ashraf. The movie has been shot in Pabna, Dhaka, Narayanganj, Manikganj, Sajek and New York in America. It is slated to release in theaters on the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr.