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Shakib’s look is being talked about

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Shakib Khan’s new film ‘Rajkumar’ will be released on Eid-ul-Fitr this year. The shooting is going on in full swing. Following the success of ‘Priyatma’, it is being directed by Himel Ashraf with the superstar. Recently, a huge set was built in FDC and a song scene of this movie was shot. Some of his stills have also been published on social media, which have been discussed and criticized by Shakibiyans.

The shooting of the title song of Shakib’s upcoming film began on Tuesday (January 30). This scene has been recorded for two consecutive days. More than three hundred dancers participated with Shakib. The stills shared on social media showed Shakib wearing sunglasses and a locket around his neck. On her feet are stylish black shoes. Blue, orange, pink and green colors all over the body. However, as soon as Shakib’s look in this costume came to light, Shakibians were ready to express their opinion. According to some of them, the superstar does not like this look at all, while many others find something new in it.

A fan wrote, ‘Seeing this look of Shakib Khan, almost all Shakibians are disappointed, come in 2024 these pants, clean save; I have not seen the new look of Rajkumar movie till now. Himel Ashraf wants a little change in the look of Bhai Priyatma movie.’

Someone is saying, ‘Will there be a heroine in this song?’

Meanwhile, some have also praised. Said, ‘The rate at which some public are criticizing a dress from the title song of the movie Rajkumar, it seems that Shakib Khan is the first person in the world who has used this dress in a movie. And with one dress, the whole song did not continue. There will be different styles of dresses. Talk about a party song!’

Another person wrote, ‘Boss’ look at this age is really on another level.’

Basically Shakibians have indulged in hair-raising analysis about Rajkumar-look. However, the weight of ‘I don’t like’ is heavy!

Incidentally, the lyrics of the song that was shot are like this – ‘Swapan Desh Swapan Nayre/ This is my homeland/ Everyone is a king in the land of mind/ I am the only prince’. Written by Ferrari Farhad. Composed by Emon Chowdhury. Set against the backdrop of a village fair, the song is choreographed by India’s Ashok Raja. Earlier also he choreographed Shakib’s various movies.

The shooting of Rajkumar film started in Pabna last December 10. Then some action scenes were shot in Chennai. This time the shooting will be in America. The entire unit including Shakib Khan will fly to New York on February 2nd tomorrow night. The rest of the film will be shot there.


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