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Shakib wants to create employment for 10 thousand people

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Cricketer Shakib Al Hasan, nominated candidate of Awami League for Magura-1 constituency, said that he wants to create employment for at least 10 thousand people to solve the unemployment problem of Magura. He said this in an event called ‘Youth Talk with Shakib’ at Nomani Maidan in Magura city on Sunday evening.

Shakib Al Hasan answered various questions of the new generation in the program which lasted for more than two hours.

In response to a question, Shakib said, ‘Industrial revolution has not happened in Magura. If we can improve the agriculture sector, unemployment will be eliminated. And I had a dream for a long time to create at least 10,000 jobs. It seems possible to come to this platform. If I have time I hope to do it.’

In response to another question, Shakib Al Hasan said, ‘It was a dream of many days to build a world class academy in Magura. Not being able to do that, I did one in Dhaka. Now hoping to do one in Magura. In this, the people of the entire Khulna division will get training opportunities. And Magura’s sons and daughters can train outside the house. Or the people of the whole country will benefit.

Addressing the new generation, Shakib said, first of all, it is important to set a goal. Maybe you won’t get success in one day, not in two days. But someone will get it soon. Some will get it in two years, some may get it after twenty years. But if one believes it is possible for him to achieve. But he will.


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