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Shakib wants to be the best BCB president in history

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Shakib Al Hasan is out of the field due to injury since the ODI World Cup. In addition to rehabilitation at this time, the world’s best all-rounder was active in the field of politics. Shakib was elected from Magura-1 seat in the last national elections. The day after the polls, he started practicing to prepare himself for the upcoming BPL.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) President Nazmul Hasan Papon was elected from Kishoreganj-6 constituency and got the responsibility of Youth and Sports Ministry. After that he indicated to leave the post of BCB president. There is no chance of seeing Shakib as the president of the highest regulatory body of Bangladesh cricket. But if the opportunity ever comes, the Bangladeshi all-rounder wants to become the best BCB president in history.

Shakib is a member of Bengal Tigers in Abu Dhabi T-Ten League. The franchise released a video of the interaction with Shakib on its Facebook page on Friday. Shakib, the world’s best all-rounder, expressed his interest there, saying, ‘It would be nice to be the BCB president. I don’t know the rest. But if I can, if the opportunity ever comes, I won’t miss it.’

Shakib wants to establish himself as the best as an organizer as well as on the playing field. However, he did not forget to praise the current president of BCB, ‘Papan bhai has done a lot so far. Naturally, there is nothing to belittle his achievement. I believe when I go, I will be the best BCB president in the history of Bangladesh. This is my belief. Whether or not it is the next thing. If I don’t have that thought of being the best, how can I do the best work?’

Although he wants to be the best himself, he does not look down on the actions of previous BCB presidents, Shakib also reminded, ‘I want to be the best, it does not mean that I am looking down on someone else. Now there is Papon bhai, before that there was Kamal bhai, all of them have done amazing work. Otherwise cricket would not have progressed so much.’

Shakib took a hand from those who criticize the BCB president, ‘Today we can criticize many things. But we have come this far because of their many contributions. Could have done more, you might say. Maybe he could, maybe he couldn’t. Perhaps if you were in their place, you would understand whether it was possible or not.’

At the end, the left-handed all-rounder once again expressed his confidence in himself, ‘I am not belittling anyone. I believe, if I come to the post (BCB president), I can do a lot more. I feel it. (I can or not) Time will tell. Now it seems that I can do many things, then it turns out that I really could not. It can happen. But I have faith.’

Although Shakib has expressed his interest, there is no chance of seeing him at the top BCB post right now. According to the ICC rules, the president should be elected after winning the election. Even if you want to run for the post of board president in the election, you must have experience as a board director.


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