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Shakib to promote the boat in Faridpur

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Shakib Al Hasan, under the leadership of the National Cricket Team, participated in the campaign of the boat symbol of the Awami League candidate of Faridpur Sadar constituency in the 12th National Parliament Election.

Today, Wednesday at 11:30 am, he arrived at Faridpur Sheikh Russell Sports Complex. Then he went around the important roads of the city. Meanwhile, Awami League candidate Shamim Haque in a black open jeep distributed handbills with the boat symbol, waved congratulations to the common people of the city and asked for votes in the boat.

Many eager crowds came forward to take selfies with their favorite cricketers and took pictures with them.

It is known that 6 candidates are participating in the January 7 elections in Faridpur-3 Sadar Constituency. Among them, the boat symbol candidate Shamim Haque and the independent candidate FBCCI former president AK Azad on the eagle symbol are likely to have a close fight.

Shakib himself is contesting from Magura-1 seat with boat symbol.

During the election campaign, Shakib said, ‘The entire Bangladesh is now a festive atmosphere for the election, I think there will be a peaceful election in every place. I came to the Prime Minister’s public meeting in Faridpur, and today I came to Shamim Bhai’s election campaign. It will be a good campaign. The amount of love that the Prime Minister has shown to the people of Faridpur will be repaid by the people of this district through their votes.

Shakib also said, ‘Voters will reciprocate the way Bangladesh’s development is progressing. I hope boat symbol will win in Faridpur with huge votes in all four constituencies.’


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