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Shakib played almost with one eye in the World Cup

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Shakib Al Hasan deserved the best player award of the 2019 World Cup, many think. But he did not live up to his claim as personal success did not translate into team success. However, there is no doubt about the fact that Shakib made his race known by scoring six hundred runs and 11 wickets in one World Cup.

That Shakib spent the 2023 World Cup with a rush of disappointment. Before his match-winning performance against Sri Lanka, Shakib had no chance to be known by his performance. One of the reasons behind this is stated by the player himself. The captain of Bangladesh is playing the World Cup with eye problems.

The last match of the World Cup was not played due to injury, and he did not return to the field immediately after the World Cup. Now Shakib is busy with national elections. Shakib said in an interview given to the cricket news media Cricbuzz that he was seeing blurred eyes due to the pressure of the World Cup.

No, not in words, Shakib was actually seeing blurry eyes. After not getting runs in the tournament, Nazmul Abedin returned home during the World Cup and practiced with Fahim. But his discomfort with the short ball in the World Cup has caught everyone’s attention. There was also a change in his batting stance.

Eye problems are behind this. Shakib said to Cricbuzz that he was seeing blurry in his left eye in the World Cup due to mental stress, “I suffered from eye problems not only in one or two matches but throughout the World Cup.” – Shakib was seen saying this in the report published by Cricbuzz on Monday night.

Asked by Cricbuzz, was he playing with one eye and batting by guessing where the ball would go? In response, Shakib said, ‘Maybe, it was very uncomfortable to play the ball.’

Stress can affect the eyes. That’s what happened in the World Cup, says Shakib, ‘When I went to the doctor, he saw water pooling in my cornea or retina and gave me drops and told me to reduce the pressure. I don’t know if this is the cause (of the eye problem). But when I checked in America, they said no pressure. I told the doctor that there is no World Cup, so there is no pressure.

Shakib sees the role of giving him the captaincy just before the World Cup to some extent, ‘because I have captained (not calling it an excuse for pressure). But if I had been given the captaincy earlier, it would have been easier for me because then I would have had time to prepare for the World Cup.’

There has been a series of dramatic events in Bangladesh cricket, with Tamim Iqbal giving up the captaincy before the World Cup, Liton Das taking over the captaincy on an emergency basis, then giving Shakib Al Hasan the responsibility again and Tamim withdrawing from the World Cup.

Shakib claimed that if the decision to make him captain in the World Cup had been taken earlier, he would not have faced so many problems. Not only in the World Cup, but throughout the year 2023, our performance in ODIs was not good.

After being the first team to be knocked out of the World Cup, Bangladesh confirmed the next Champions Trophy game by defeating Sri Lanka after Afghanistan.


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