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Shakib-Mashrafi can not be BCB president in any way?

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Bangladesh Cricket Board President Nazmul Hasan recently got the charge of Youth and Sports Minister. Since then rumors have started that he is going to step down from the cricket board. Amidst all these discussions, who is going to be the next BCB president? Where former captain Mashrafe bin Mortaza is at the center of discussion, along with Shakib Al Hasan.

Mashrafe bin Mortazai is the next board president. Fans are also hopeful about Narail Express. Meanwhile, a video of Shakib was published yesterday on Friday. The world’s best all-rounder has also expressed interest in becoming president there.

Meanwhile, the current president has indicated before getting the new responsibility, that he will not be seen in the position of BCB for a long time. Many people think that Mashrafe or Shakib are worthy claimants in the vacancy. However, Papan poured water in that hope yesterday.

Sports Minister and BCB president Nazmul Hasan said, ‘First he has to become a councillor. Then you have to get selected. Those elected will decide who will be the president. The process is very simple.’

Mashrafe-Shakib cannot become the board president, clearly in Papon’s statement. Because, according to the constitution of BCB, the board president has to be elected through a process.

Nazmul Hasan said, ‘I will think about it when the term of ICC is over. There is a chance of a smooth exit by talking to them. But in that case it must be one of those who are the directors of the board now. There is no chance of anyone coming from outside.’

Currently there are 25 directors on the board. Among them Jalal Yunus, Ahmed Sazzadul Alam Babi, except for two, all were elected from among the councillors. As the board president said, neither Shakib nor Mashrafe have become councilors yet. There were a total of 171 councilors in the last AGM.

However, the possibility of Mashrafe-Shaqib becoming the board president is absolutely not zero. There are three categories of membership in the BCB General Assembly. Where the representatives of regional and district sports organizations are in the first category. In the second category there are representatives of different levels of clubs in Dhaka Metropolitan and in the third category there are representatives of organizations like universities, former players, education boards, BKSP. While Shakib or Mashrafe may not be the representative of the first two at the moment, there are about eight organizations belonging to the third category. From which 26 representatives can become councilors of the General Assembly.

In addition, the National Sports Council has the opportunity to appoint two directors as special powers in the cricket board. Also, five of their representatives can be councillors. In that case, if Mashrafe is made a director or councilor with special consideration, he can easily take the initial step of becoming the board president. So it cannot be said that Mashrafe’s chance to become the board president has ended.


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