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Shakib in irony of fame!

by Afonso
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National cricket team captain Shakib Al Hasan has faced many ironies of fame due to election public relations. This very famous candidate of the country, wherever he goes in his constituency, everyone, including men, women and children, is eating. While his love for curious people is not lacking, he has to embrace the irony and move on.

Magura-1 Constituency consists of Sadar of Magura and Sreepur Upazila. All-rounder cricketer Shakib Al Hasan is competing as a candidate of Awami League from this seat in the 12th national parliament election.

During his school life, Shakib studied at Magura Government Boys School, but because of cricket, Shakib had to stay out of the district most of the time. Even after returning to Kale-Vhadre area, this all-rounder was not very close to the common people. That is why there is no lack of enthusiasm of the people of the area around him. Crowds gather wherever you go during the election campaign. Often victims of the irony of fame.

Since the start of the election campaign, people of different ages want to take pictures and take selfies with Shakib. Others are taking his signature on sports bat balls, note pads, diaries and even mobile phone covers to keep autographs as souvenirs. Many girls are keeping the autograph given by Shakib Al Hasan in their favorite vanity bag.

Regarding such enthusiasm towards Shakib, female entrepreneur Kazi Dina, resident of Collegepara in Magura city, said, ‘Shakib is our son. He was not available earlier because of the game. Now everyone has to go for the election. Everyone is taking selfies or taking autographs because we are excited to get him.

Similarly, as Shakib is a celebrity, school-college students were seen waiting for a long time at Shakib’s election campaign area citing the ‘excitement of taking pictures’ with him. Later they did not hesitate to express their victory cheers to fulfill their wishes.

On the surface, it was seen that almost every area spends a maximum of two minutes to give its own speech, but Sake spends an hour to meet the requests of fans to take pictures or give autographs. In this situation, Shakib Al Hasan has to sweat in this winter in the crowd of thousands of enthusiastic fans. Hard to eat often.

Shakib has to move forward by embracing the irony even though there is no dearth of love for passionate people.  Photo: The Independent

Ashish Roy, the famous painter of Magura, said about the fans’ interest in Shakib, ‘Sakib is now in the political field from the cricket field. So far there was no chance to contact him. Now he is a candidate of a major political party. The enthusiasm of the election is reflected in that. And because Shakib is famous, people are going crazy wherever he goes. It also suffers from irony. But there is no way for Shakib to escape from this. Again, there is no lack of love of ordinary fans for him.’

No matter how much trouble Shakib faces in the electoral damadol, if he wins the election he promises to blend in with the common people of Magura. And if this is the case, everyone hopes that they will be able to take a place in the ranks of the common people of the area.


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