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Shakib gave a gift to ‘Priyatma’ Idhika

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Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan was scheduled to attend two consecutive cultural events in Assam, India. In one pand but in the other, he was accompanied on stage by Tollywood actress Idhika Pal. After the onscreen chemistry of ‘Priyatma’, they were in a romantic mood on stage as well. Shakib even gave a gift to his beloved.

On Friday (December 29) they participated in a cultural evening at West Goalpara College premises in Assam. Ignoring the cold, many people gathered there to catch a glimpse of Shakib. Throughout the show, they were seen performing songs from several Shakib-starrer movies including ‘Number One Shakib Khan’, ‘Katha Khai’ and ‘Sholoana’. They performed party dance. At the end of the event, Shakib surprised Idhika with a small gift.

After the performance, Shakib said with the microphone in his hand, ‘So long I performed alone with these songs, today Idhika also performed. How do you feel?’ Shakib’s words echoed around.

Idhika said, ‘For so long I have also seen you perform these songs on TV. This time I performed myself. Thank you.’

‘If you perform so well, you have to give something as a gift. Shall I make something small?’ – said Shakib jokingly. By that time there was a commotion among the audience. Finally, Shakib gave the gift. Holding the hand of ‘Priyatma’, the superstar sang in a bare voice, ‘All the words were kept in this mind/ I told you, dear.’ Idhikao picked up on that.

Idhika was in white top-jeans.  Photo: Taken from Facebook

Idhikar was dressed in white jeans-tops, a white jacket wrapped around his body. On the other hand, Shakib appeared in an exceptional look. He was all hip-hop in cargo pants and a loose jacket.

Incidentally, the song ‘O Priyatma’ is originally the title track of Shakib-Idhika starrer Himel Ashraf’s movie ‘Priyatma’. Balaam and Konal sang to the tune of Aakash Sen. Lyricist Asif Iqbal.


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