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Shakib fights in Magura, fans hang banners in Sunamganj

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Love is the name of a feeling wrapped in emotion. Love means peace of mind, many crazy things come to mind. And especially, the love of the youth of Bangladesh towards cricket is tied together by the same thread. Fans often do various crazy things with their love for cricketers. One such cricket fan is Fahim Mahmud of Sunamganj Sadar Upazila.

26-year-old fan Fahim has put up a banner in front of his house in Hasaura village of Rangarchar union of Sunamganj’s Sadar upazila expressing his love for the world’s best all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan.

Fahim wrote on that banner, ‘Vote for Shakib Al Hasan for the position of Bangladesh Awami League’s nominated member of parliament from Magura-1 seat in the upcoming 12th national parliament election’. (Courtesy: Fahim Mahmood and Chadian Ahmed).

Almost the young people of the quiet, green, shady Hasaura village are now taking selfies with Shakib’s election banner and posting them on social media Facebook. The parents also respected the love of the youth towards the captain of the Bangladesh team.

Fahim Mahmud said, ‘Shaqib Al Hasan is a brave man. He likes to lead the national team from the front with bat and ball. Besides, he has come to the top of the list of the best all-rounders in the world history. I like everything including his sports, that’s why I love him (Shakib).’

Fahim Mahmud also said, ‘I thank Shakib Bhaiya, Bangabandhu’s daughter, for being nominated from Awami League from Magura-1 constituency in the 12th national election. I wish the trust and love of every people of the country, including Magura, to vote and pray for Shakib.

Regarding meeting Shakib, Fahim said, ‘I have never seen Shakib bhai face to face, but if he is elected, I will take flower garlands from Sunamganj to Magura, and give Shakib bhai victory garland with my own hands. Besides, if I am alive then I will also enjoy Shakib Bhai’s game at the Sylhet cricket ground in the BPL game, inshallah.’

Arada Chandra Nandi, a local resident, said, ‘I am happy that a young man from our village pulled up this poster (banner) asking for votes for Shakib, as I am also a Shakib fan like him. We the villagers thank him and we also pray for Shakib that may Allah grant us Shakib’s victory. Who brought up this small Bangladesh to the people of different countries of the world, these Shakibs. So cricketer Shakib is our pride, he is the best player in the world. We want Shakib as an all-rounder in MP.’

It should be noted that Shakib Al Hasan is fighting with the boat symbol after receiving the nomination of Awami League for the Magura-1 constituency in the upcoming 12th National Parliament election. Fan Fahim has sought votes from the voters of Magura-1 seat expecting that the chosen player will lead from the front in politics as well as in cricket.


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