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Shakib-Apu together again

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Rumors have been going on for years that former couple Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas are getting together again. Eventually it did, but not in married life; These two stars are now walking on the same path in business. After six years of separation, they met again in the same circle. Because Shakib-Apu’s business identity includes the same company.

On January 12, Apu launched the new business establishment of ‘Harlan’ in the residential area of ​​Aftabnagar of the capital. And he said in the press, ‘Shakib has a lot of trust in me. He (Shakib Khan) knows that if I want to do something, I can definitely do it.’

Shakib congratulated businessman Apu on this news. But the fans still could not guess that Shakib is the director of Apu’s ‘Harlan’ company.

Finally on January 20 the matter became clear to the fans. In the official announcement of Remark and Harlan, it is known that none other than Shakib himself is the director of this organization. When Shakib-Apu fans are floating with happiness after hearing such news, Shakib announced that his ex-wife actress Apu Biswas is the goodwill ambassador of this organization.

Shakib told the media, ‘Apu has been inaugurating various stores of Remark and Harlan in different parts of the country for the past 1 year as a goodwill ambassador. This year, he took ownership of a Harlan store with his own boutique house and restaurant in the residential area of ​​Aftabnagar in the capital.

Earlier, Shakib was also seen supporting Apu’s movie production. It has become clear that even though these two stars are not walking together in married life, they are walking together in all other ways.


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