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Shahrukh shared the ‘Dunky’ poster made by a Bangladeshi fan

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The film industry is shaking with ‘Danki’ fever. On Thursday (December 21), the movie was released in Bangladesh on the same day as the world. But before that, Shahrukh Khan showed a sign of love. The Bollywood king shared a fan made poster of the movie made by a Bangladeshi fan on his ‘X’ handle.

It is known that this poster of ‘Dunky’ shared by Shah Rukh was made by 18-year-old Bangladeshi youth Mahadi Rahman Tilak. This poster of his was shared on social media by a person named Prashana. It caught the attention of King Khan Shahrukh. Later he shared the poster on his tweet.

Shahrukh writes in the caption of this fan maid poster, ‘I hope everyone likes it. Have a nice start to the new year.’ Added the hashtag ‘Dunky’.

The poster made by Mahadi went viral instantly. However, after a day, the matter came to the attention of Bangladeshi artisans. Shahrukh himself shared the poster made by himself, the joy of breaking the dam touched Mahadi’s heart.

He told the media, ‘I saw it yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. I feel very happy. I don’t even know the person who shared the poster on X, but SRK shared it from his post. That’s a lot.’

Earlier last year, a poster made by Mahadi reached Shah Rukh. A fan handed over the frame of that poster to Shah Rukh through the Chennai Fan Club. He told King Khan that it was made by a young man from Bangladesh.

Mahadi also said, ‘I am a huge fan of Shahrukh. I have been making fan made posters of his various movies since 2021 only out of love for him. They are well known all over India. Various posters made by me have been seen on various buses, packets of chips and even on billboards in India.’

Incidentally, Mahadi Rahman Tilak is the son of Madaripur. Lives in Mirpur, Dhaka. His passion for designing, cinematography, making started from childhood. This young man works as a cinematographer and editor with various reputed companies.


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