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Shahjalal’s bill of 80 crore rupees due US-Bangla

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Private US-Bangla Airlines has not been paying various fees including aeronautical and non-aeronautical bills of the capital’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport for two years. Recently, the airport authority has written to the airlines asking them to pay the dues.

Executive Director of Shahjalal Airport on January 8. In the letter signed by Kamrul Islam, it has been informed that they owe 80 crore 42 lakh 8 thousand 801 taka to US Bengal including aeronautical and non-aeronautical bill and government VAT, income tax.

According to the letter, 16 crore 17 lakh rupees have been due for domestic and international landing fees of the airport. Apart from this, embarkation fee 7 crore 39 lakh, airport development and passenger security fee 45 crore 95 lakh, government VAT 10 crore 42 lakh and surcharge 47 lakh 34 thousand remain due.

In the letter urging payment of dues, it is stated that the said community dues have not been paid so far despite the above request for timely payment of dues. Civil Aviation Authority (BAB) is suffering financially as US-Bangla Airlines has not paid huge sums of money for a long time and it is not possible to deposit the Government VAT through challans due to the long non-payment of government VAT.

The letter further states that the authorities are facing difficulties in carrying out the development and maintenance activities due to huge amount owed to your organization as funding is very important for the continuation of the development activities of Babychak.

When asked about the arrears, General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations of US-Bangla Airlines Kamrul Islam told Independent Digital, ‘US Bangla is conducting business by paying all types of fees regularly. If there is any debt owed to the baby, it must be paid.’

Meanwhile, on September 17 last year, in the meeting of the Standing Committee on the Ministry of Private Aviation and Tourism, Bebichak disclosed the information of the arrears to the private airlines in the form of a report. Babychak chairman M Mofidur Rahman told the standing committee that day that a total of 6 private airlines, which are in operation and which have stopped operation, have a total outstanding amount of Tk 7 thousand 429 crore. Various measures have been taken to recover these dues.

Babychak also told the chairman in the meeting that from sending letters to them for payment of arrears, the process of collecting dues in legal process is ongoing. At that time, he said, among the operating airlines, US-Bangla Airlines Limited and Air Astra do not owe any debt to Babychak. NovoAir owes something. They are constantly being urged to pay their dues. The suspension of flight operations due to lack of work in Tagalog is now getting the expected response. On the other hand, the legal process is ongoing with the airlines that are not in operation and the process of recovering the dues by auctioning their aircraft is also far advanced.

According to the information given by Babychak Chairman to the Standing Committee, the organization owes Tk 29 crore 47 lakh 76 thousand 139 to the private airline Novoair which is currently operating the flight. Out of this, the principal balance is 23 crore 90 lakh 20 thousand 779 taka. The rest is surcharge, VAT and income tax.

In the past two decades, 11 private airlines have operated in the country at various times, but now only three survive. Regent Air in Pakha Gota last March 2020. Also, Aero Bengal, Air Parabat, Royal Bengal, Air Bangladesh, GMG Airlines, Best Air and United Air have been shut down one by one. Of these, Regent, United and GMG International operated flights to various destinations.


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