Home News Shah Rukh responded to all the criticism, whom he called ‘stupid’.

Shah Rukh responded to all the criticism, whom he called ‘stupid’.

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Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan did not have a good time before and after Corona. Many saw the end of his career. Even had to run around the court for the child Aryan.

Still, Shah Rukh remained silent. The actor made a royal comeback this year. Blockblaster gave three pictures. He was waiting for such a time.

Recently Shahrukh opened his mouth by accepting an award. In the speech he mentioned some dark times in his life.

He said, ‘The journey of the last 4-5 years has been quite rough for our family. I know it must be the same for many others due to covid. All my pictures flopped. Many even wrote tributes to end my career!’

Shah Rukh jokingly called the film experts ‘stupid’. After that he talked about his personal life.

Shahrukh said, ‘Most of my movies flopped during that time. Stupid cinephiles even started writing news to put the nail in my coffin. On a personal level, some disturbing and unpleasant incidents also happened, which taught me great lessons. Taught me how to stay calm even in difficult situations. One has to keep one’s mouth shut, maintain one’s dignity and work hard.”

After that, Badshah added, “Whenever you think that life is going in the right direction, you will suddenly see a shock from where. But this is when you have to be honest. Be optimistic about life.”

He said, ‘Some unpleasant and disturbing incidents happened in personal life to say the least. But I learned a lesson. Be quiet, work very quietly, keep your self-respect and work quietly.’

It is clear that he talked about the arrest of his son Aryan, even if he did not say it directly. All charges in the Cordelia Cruz case, however, were later dismissed by the court and Arian was found completely innocent. But at that time he had to stay in jail for about a month. Despite knocking on many doors, Shahrukh could not secure bail for his son.

He concluded the speech with a dialogue from his film ‘Om Shanti Om’. Shahrukh comments, “Someone once told me, life is like a movie. In the end everything is fine. And if it doesn’t, it’s not the end. Picture Abhi Baki Hai…. And I believe his words to the letter. Because I believe, doing good is good.”


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