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Shah Rukh Khan is coming to Bangladesh again!

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Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan came to Bangladesh for the first time in 2010. The city of Tilottma was defeated.

At that time Antar Showbiz brought this superstar of the subcontinent. This time too they have planned to bring Shah Rukh. And that is this year. If all is well, Shah Rukh will spread warmth in Dhaka next winter!

Antar showbiz boss Swapan Chowdhury confirmed the matter to Independent Digital.

Swapan said, ‘The work has not progressed to talk about the matter in detail. We brought Shah Rukh Khan to Bangladesh. We have a family relationship with him. So it is important to match the schedule only. I hope Dhaka will see him again this year.

He thinks Shah Rukh’s acceptance has increased. Three consecutive movies in his discussion. The release of Shahrukh’s movie in Bangladesh has created a kind of frenzy among the audience. So this year is a good time.

Shah Rukh and Arjun on stage in Dhaka.  Photo: Waliul BiswasHe also said, ‘Taking care of Shah Rukh fans, I have planned to bring him back to Dhaka.’

Earlier, Shahrukh came to Dhaka to participate in a live concert in 2010. Rani Mukherjee, Arjun Rampal and many others were with him at that time.


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