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SEO Guaranteed Rank First Position Work Strategy

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Are you an SEO Optimizer? Need to know how to SEO Guaranteed Rank First Position Work Strategy ? You have to guarantee rank 1st (NOT 1ST PAGE, WE NEED 1ST POSITION), some high CPC, and high search volume keywords of  in 30 days on Google USA. You have to rank your keywords on the 1st position of Google Search Snippet or bring it in a featured snippet, not just on page 1.

SEO Guaranteed Rank First Position Work Strategy


You can find YOUR target keywords and URLs on this sheet.

Choose from the below sheet, your keywords, and URLs Google Sheet 

Each page on my site is basically a keyword which you have to rank it on 1st position on Google USA. E.g for this page

The keyword that you have to rank this page for is Backward Text Generator

Follow the same strategy for all pages of my site and rank all on rank 1 for their focus keywords.


  1. Keyword Research
  2. Title Tag
  3. Meta Description
  4. H1, H2, H3 Tags
  5. Image Alt Tags
  6. Keyword density optimization
  7. Setup Schema Markups
  8. Internal Linking
  9. Connect with Google Search Console
  10. Setup XML Sitemap
  11. Web Pages Crawling & Fetching
  12. Setup Robots.txt
  13. Broken Links Issues
  14. Final SEO Report
SEO Guaranteed Rank First Position Work Strategy
SEO Guaranteed Rank First Position Work Strategy


You have to create unique high authority do-follow links on a daily basis for your target keyword and URL.


The requirements for backlinks should be in accordance with standards as given below:

  • White HAT methods should be used
  • Manual High-Quality Work only ( Please do NOT use automated, GSA based black hat techniques)
  • Do-Follow backlinks (Web 2.0 or Guest Posts)
  • High Alexa rank of domains
  • Prefer unique diverse domains
  • High DA
  • High PA
  • Low OBL
  • HQ Guest posts with Contextual Content

Feel free to clone our best do-follow competitors backlinks (those who are already ranking 1 for those sets of keywords)

Task details for building Do-Follow Backlinks daily on a monthly basis:

The backlinks should be provided according to the following guidelines.

You need to focus on following the HQ backlinks initially. It is recommended to use the premium tools in order to clone our competitor’s best set of backlinks. Using premium tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and other online tools. Get the list of best top backlinks made by our competitors from SEMrush and clone (provide the same links as they have). We do have a SEMrush paid subscription if you need a list of do-follow HQ domains or do competitors’ research.

Slow and natural, manual work for one month to bring the rank to the number one position for those groups of keywords. Include your own keyword research, and provide your ON-PAGE content if you think our on-page needs more content.

SEO Guaranteed Rank First Position Work Strategy
SEO Guaranteed Rank First Position Work Strategy

As an SEO expert, once you have done agreement to rank 1st a topic, make sure you must add high-quality unique on-page SEO content on the original topic, also create more related new topics which are related to the same original keywords.

If related topics have high search volumes, make new topics on them and add unique content of 4000+ words with 15+ related cross interlinking with related content on

You must add high-quality unique content daily for your target keywords and related keywords if you want to achieve rank 1 stable and faster.

This is my biggest competitor,  steal them do-follow backlinks and keywords and bring my site on top of his site.

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