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Selling onion at high price: 15 traders fined

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The Department of Consumer Rights Protection fined 15 traders in 5 districts for various reasons including selling onions at excessive prices and not having price lists. The fine was imposed on Sunday by conducting raids in different parts of the country.

In the morning, Directorate of Consumer Affairs conducted raids in Amin Colony and Pahartali market in Chittagong. At that time, two businessmen were fined 20 thousand taka for the allegation of irregularities.

In the afternoon, operations were conducted at Park Bazar and District Gate Bazar in Tangail city. 3 traders were fined a total of 10,000 taka on various charges. All traders were warned not to sell onions at prices higher than the fixed price.

On the same day, two onion traders were fined a total of Tk 5,000 after raiding Bahadur Bazar in Dinajpur city.

In the same way, the Directorate of Consumer Protection fined 3 onion traders a total of 5 thousand rupees and 5 onion traders in Ataikula of Pabna by raiding Nicha Bazaar and Tebaria Market in Natore city.

India has recently banned the export of onion for three months. Almost all of the onion imported into Bangladesh comes from India.

India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade has said that there will be a ban on onion exports till March 31 next year. India set higher export prices on October 29 due to the increase in onion prices. Although this restriction was given till 31st of this month, it was extended for another three months.

It was said in the previous instructions that onions can be exported to any country in the world. However, the minimum price of onion per ton should be kept at 800 dollars. Transport and insurance costs are not included in this price.

On the news of this decision of the Indian authorities, traders increased the price of onion in the country’s market. The retail traders of the capital say that they bought domestic onion wholesale at Tk 130 on Thursday, but it increased to Tk 205 on Saturday night. And Indian onion is being sold at 165 taka, increasing from 98 taka.

Meanwhile, the wholesale market has increased by Tk 60 to Tk 80 per kg within a day, but the retail price is double that. At Karwan Bazar itself, domestic onion is being sold at Tk 220 per kg, Indian onion at Tk 170 and Chinese onion at Tk 135 to 140 per kg.


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