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‘Self-educated’ Feroze is rich in wealth, with multiple multi-storied houses in the capital

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Ferozur Rahman Olio, an independent candidate of Brahmanbaria-3 (Sadar and Vijaynagar) constituency, who got his candidature back on appeal to the Election Commission, is also ‘self-educated’. But he has a lot of real estate. He has several multi-storied houses in Shukrabad of Dhaka. Shahbagh also has 7 khata places. A building is being built there at a cost of 5 crore 52 lakh 35 thousand 916 taka. There are two plots of 10 plots in Purbachal project of the capital. His annual income from various sectors is 1 crore 4 lakh 13 thousand 811 taka.

Ferozeur Rahman Olio, who got the Scissor symbol in the 12th National Assembly elections, has also given details of 3 cases against him in his affidavit. Among them, one case of Narcotics Control Act and another case of Criminal Procedure Act has been settled and another case of Special Powers Act of 1974 has been mentioned that he is free on bail.

Olio as annual income of himself and his dependents is 1 lakh 39 thousand 450 taka from agriculture sector, 33 lakh 96 thousand 850 taka from house-apartment, shop rent, 3 lakh 12 thousand 3’00 taka from business, 4 lakh 15 thousand 2’00 taka from his dependents. , has shown an annual income of 3 thousand 578 taka from share savings, 1 lakh 52 thousand taka from his job, 5 lakh 76 thousand taka of his dependents, 64 lakh 9 thousand 633 taka of his own in other sectors and 1 lakh 90 thousand 525 taka of his dependents. He has 65 lakh 33 thousand 503 taka in cash. Bonds, debentures, stock exchange listed and unlisted shares of companies worth 1 crore 12 lakh 84 thousand 487 rupees and shares of 1 crore 12 lakh 39 thousand 340 rupees in the name of wife. Besides, there is an investment of Tk 7 lakh in the name of the wife in savings paper or fixed deposit. He has a motorcar worth 8.5 lakh taka in his own name. He has 20 tolas of gold worth 1 lakh 20 thousand taka in his name and 10 tolas of gold worth 3 thousand taka in the name of his wife. Own capital in business is 12 crore 79 lakh 723 taka and in the name of wife 77 lakh 22 thousand 349 taka. Shares of Standard Bank are Tk 22 crore 64 thousand 50 in his own name, and Tk 65 lakh 41 thousand 340 in the name of his wife. He has a shotgun and a revolver.

Independent candidate Ferozur Rahman has a total of 18.95 bighas of agricultural land in Sultanpur and Radhika areas of Brahmanbaria Sadar as immovable assets. The price of which is shown as 1 crore 70 lakh 49 thousand 7’70 Taka. Non-agricultural land i.e. multi-storied houses, house sites, shops, flats in Dhaka and Brahmanbaria worth 30 crore 45 lakh 84 thousand 382 taka. Notable among these are 7-story building in Shahbagh of Dhaka, 6-storey building on 3.5-story land in Shukrabad, 6-and-a-half-story building on 3.5-story space, and two more buildings of 8 and 11 floors in Shukrabad. Also there are 21 katha places in Shukravad.

Kanchi symbol candidate Olio has 5 flats in Dhanmondi, 20 khata plots in Purbachal. There is a 3-storied building on a 6th-century land at Te Road in Brahmanbaria, and a 3-storied house on a 1.37-century land at Kazipara. Besides, he has more properties in Brahmanbaria and Dhaka. His deposits in advance rent, bank loans and other sectors are 36 crore 62 lakh taka.

On December 3, returning officer Ferozur Rahman Olio canceled the nomination paper as it was proved that one voter did not sign the list signed by the support of one percent of the voters. Later on December 13, he got his nomination back on appeal to the Election Commission.


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