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Selena Gomez’s music career is over!

by Afonso
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He is in music and acting, he is also in personal business. And for that reason, singer-actress Selena Gomez announced the end of her music career.

During the Corona epidemic, the star launched a cosmetic line named ‘Rare Beauty’.

Appearing in a podcast recently, he said that he wants to be more focused on his career. This is why the music career is going to end.

Selena said there, her next album will be the last album. Tarkar commented, ‘I understand that if I go on to do more than one album, I will have to say goodbye to acting. But I want to do acting. I wanted to be an actress, not a classical singer. Music has given me so much joy and love. While singing, I also did a lot of TV shows. I did both because of my love of music. But now the time has passed.’

Selena appeared on the podcast presented by Jason Bateman. He said that he will be seen in acting now. He has no idea about music.


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