Home News Scoop. We know where Camilla Parker spent her vacation (and it wasn’t in Ciudad Real)

Scoop. We know where Camilla Parker spent her vacation (and it wasn’t in Ciudad Real)

Scoop.  We know where Camilla Parker spent her vacation (and it wasn’t in Ciudad Real)

Camillacollapse. Her husband, King Charles, fell ill with cancer; Kate Middletonwith his ghostly illness, has become invisible. Harry y Meghanexiles. The Crown Prince, Williambarely over the scandal of his alleged infidelityhas become the quintessential absentee. And Camilla said enough! She went alone to the south of India, to the Soukya center in Bangalore, considered the best clinic in the world in the specialty known as Ayurveda, which is neither more nor less than the oldest medicine. It combines diet, massage, meditation, yoga and nutrition with a deep, thorough and exhaustive psychic and physical study of each person and their circumstances. The goal is to achieve balance between the discordant factors in each patient.

The medical team specializes in each of the aforementioned branches, although the protocol followed by Camilla is not strictly Ayurveda, although it is holistic, without reaching the rigor of the panchakarma treatment, the talisman of the Ayurvedic method. Because, according to the testimony that reaches LA RAZĂ“N, The problem that the doctors immediately detect in Camilla is the exhausting stress in which she lives. And her rebalancing device kicks in immediately: detoxifying nutrition, relaxing and invigorating massage, meticulously personalized medications, and a meditative yoga program carefully tailored to her personality and deep needs. The queen of the British has accompanied all this with daily walks and relaxing dips in the pool.

The surprising effects of these treatments are noticeable from the first day. It is certain that, after this time, Camilla will have become younger and you will notice her more upright walk, her smoother skin and her more stylized figure. Anyone who has had the privilege of passing through one of these centers will have observed that her eyes look more serene and her thoughts are more fluid. The key to success may lie in the fact that the treatment is not so radically Ayurvedic, so invasive, which results in better acceptance of it (even unconsciously), something that King Charles’s wife will have appreciated.

After taking this Ayurvedic time, which contrasts with the information that placed her hunting on the La Garganta farm (Ciudad Real), Camilla has returned and her presence at the Commonwealth commemorative events reflected her wonderful recovery. She upstaged the heir himself, her companion, with a fantastic diamond brooch that four other British queens have already worn.