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School girl kidnapped and raped, main accused arrested

School girl kidnapped and raped, main accused arrested

The accused in the case of kidnapping and rape of a schoolgirl in Srivardi, Sherpur. Nahid Mia (23) was arrested by RAB-14. He was arrested last Saturday night from Sisel Restaurant area of ​​Uttara Purva police station in Dhaka.

Arrested Md. Nahid Srivardi Upazila Byadanga Mandal Para. Son of Sohail Mia.

The company commander of Jamalpur camp confirmed the matter on Sunday. Abrar Faisal Sadi.

According to RAB, the student, a child of a poor family, is studying in the eighth grade. His father remarried and moved away. Because of this he lives in his maternal grandmother’s house along with his mother and brother. The victim’s mother took a job as a garment worker in Dhaka in order to earn a living and thinking about the future of her children. And the schoolgirl and her brother study in a local school in Srivardi. In 2022, the student was an eighth grader.

Accused Nahid Mia used to harass the student every day while traveling to school. Because of this, the victim’s mother stopped her studies. At one stage, on the night of May 2 last year, Nahid called the victim and took him to Gazipur after calling an unknown person. After that, he forcibly took the signature of the schoolgirl on some fake documents by threatening to kill her. Since then, Nahid started raping the victim in a stranger’s house by pretending to be his wife.

At one point the victim became pregnant. After that, Nahid started torturing him inhumanly. At one stage of the torture, he fell ill. Then on the night of August 15 of the same year, Nahid brought the victim schoolgirl from Dhaka to Sherpur. He hired an auto-rickshaw early in the morning and left Buktabhogi in front of his maternal grandfather’s house with his face and hands tied. At that time the locals rescued him and admitted him to the Upazila Health Complex.

Later, the victim’s mother filed a case under the Prevention of Women and Child Torture Act at Srivardi Police Station on October 9 accusing Nahid Mia as the plaintiff. Since the incident, Nahid has been absconding to avoid arrest.

After a long time, RAB arrested Nahid Mia from Sisel Restaurant area of ​​Uttara Purva police station of Dhaka district last night by carrying out a joint operation.

RAB-14 Jamalpur Camp Company Commander Major Md. Faisal Sadi of Abrar said that the arrested accused has been handed over to Sherpur’s Srivardi police station. Police will take further legal action in this regard.