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Saying goodbye to the glamor world, he is now a lorry driver

by Afonso
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It is said that once you enter the world of glamour, you cannot get out. So many people are surprised to hear that he left light-camera-action and went to another profession. Recently, a model in England changed her profession so it made headlines. A young woman reached the finals of the Miss England competition. But now he has decided to leave the glamor world and become a lorry driver.

The young woman named Millie Abbott entered the beauty pageant and became the first Miss Lincolnshire. Then she reached the finals of Miss England-2022 and became the first runner-up. Despite not being crowned the winner, modeling and acting offers kept pouring in. He liked this new profession for some time. But Millie could not adapt to the glamor world. Couldn’t live on his own. So he decided to leave everything and go back to ‘normal life’.

According to the Daily Mail, Millie’s family owns their own farm. Millie’s mother and sisters are involved in modeling. But Milly’s father looks after their farm business. Saw the people of the house delivering crops from a young age. Lorry drivers were not available to deliver crops and goods during crisis situation during Corona. Milly thoughtfully applied for a lorry driver’s license last year.

Millie Abbott applied for Class One and Class Two HGV licences. Under this lorry should have the ability to drive 44 tons of goods. Milli recently got that license. After that he decided to bid farewell to the glamor world and become a lorry driver.

Millie said, ‘I don’t feel like I have anything to prove as a woman by driving a lorry in a male-dominated industry. But if I put my hand on the steering wheel of the lorry and it increases the acceptance of women, then I don’t mind being an example.’

Milly’s decision to leave everything and become a lorry driver shocked many. Many have expressed doubt whether he can survive in this profession. However, Milli’s coach said that she is very comfortable with the steering wheel. Milly herself said that she can work hard. When you put your hands on the steering wheel, you feel a strange freedom. Moreover, the remuneration is also quite good in this profession.


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