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Saurabh took Darshana home in a vintage Rolls Royce

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The biggest wedding event in Kolkata’s Toli Para can be said to be the tying of the knot between actor Sourav and Darshan. On December 15, Saurabh Das brought his wife Darshana Banik home in a royal style after various eye-catching arrangements.

A vintage Rolls Royce was hired to bring the bride. The hooded car was decorated with colorful flowers.

In the video shared online, the white colored Rolls Royce is seen running through the streets of Kolkata. And Sourav Darshana is sitting on it. Both are wearing jackets over their wedding dresses to keep out the cold. Darshana was seen resting her head on Sourav’s shoulder. Sourav also kept it with utmost care.

Darshana sat on the wedding floor in a red Benarsi with gold overlay on silver lace. The gold jewelry of the body also caught everyone’s eyes. And Sourav is seen in a white Punjabi and Dhoti. He took a red Zardousi veil with him.

They were married according to Hindu customs. All arrangements were made by the two families. And on Saturday, according to the rules, the wedding took place.

On the other hand, they did not skimp on wedding arrangements. Sourav-Darshan’s wedding was attended by Tollywood stars. Sourav Gangopadhyay, Minister Arup Biswas also came. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was invited to Sourav-Darshan’s wedding.

The royal wedding food menu was also tongue-watering. Radha Ballavi, Chickpea Dal, Basanti Polao, Diamond Fish Fry, Fish Paturi, Prawn Malaikari, Chicken Tandoori, Mutton Kasha, Ksheer Patisapta, Malpoa, Nalengur Rasgolla, Sandesh Ice Cream were served to the guests.


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