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Saturday or Monday – Which is worse?

by Afonso
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Many Bengalis have an ominous idea about Saturday. But like the other six, this is also a normal day. It is believed that something inauspicious may have happened on this day in ancient times. So there is a superstition of associating evil with Saturn. Interestingly, the western world also has such a day. That is Monday.

According to a report in the British magazine The Economist, people’s attitudes towards Mondays have become more negative since the Irish band Boomtown Rats released the song ‘I Don’t Lie Mondays’ in 1979. That year, a 16-year-old boy shot indiscriminately at Cleveland Primary School in San Diego, California. Two adults were killed. Eight children and a police officer were injured. The accused later told the police, ‘I don’t like Mondays. This is the main reason for firing 36 bullets.’

But this is not the real reason why Monday is disliked in Western culture. It has a wider explanation. Being boring and disliked on Mondays is associated with their daily life. Sunday is a weekend holiday in America and almost all western countries. Their working week starts from the following Monday. This happens again and again in a monotonous busy life. As a result, the start of the work week has created resentment, fear and panic among many. Various studies claim that this is the main reason for the misunderstanding of Monday in Western culture.

According to a study published in 2021 in the American Journal of Applied Psychology, most people are irritable on Mondays. It decreases during the rest of the week. Then they slowly started to behave politely. Another article published in the Medical Journal of Australia in 2015 used a term called ‘manditis’. By meneditis, the authors mean, a type of systemic illness. At this time, symptoms such as fatigue, lethargy, nausea, irritability, weakness, depression, light-headedness, dry mouth and feeling upset when looking at pictures may appear. Meningitis can occur in people who have no other major systemic illness.

Although most of the senior officials in the office feel that the employees are cheerful after the vacation. Focus on work increases. But the aforementioned research proves it false. The Medical Journal of Australia reports that when someone starts work after a long vacation or weekend, he is more likely to see manditis. It can’t be hidden, so the rest of the office can figure it out.

Almost half of American workers dislike their jobs.  Photo: Courtesy of PexelsResearch shows that meningitis is contagious. It can also affect other days of the week. Manditis attacks especially on Sunday, the day before Monday and the weekend. In America it is known as ‘Sunday Scaries’. Sunday skerries is like this, you have to go to office after the Sunday holiday. Alas, alas!

A 2022 survey conducted by software company UKG found that nearly half of American workers disliked their jobs. People who dislike work are more prone to Sunday scares.

Weekend in most offices in our country is Friday. Some offices have two days off on Friday and Saturday. In some sectors including the media, the weekend is one day per person. So what Manditis in western countries is in our country is Seterdtc, Sunditis or something else. Whatever the name, the work is one and the same.

Adapted from The Economist Tamanna-e-Jahan


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