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Sat Moira Laddu or Rasgolla retain whatever Banak quality: Musharraf

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After the release of the trailer, Musharraf-Bandana is going on in social media. The expectations created by the film among the audience, will it be fulfilled after the release?
Musharraf Karim: It seems that you will get it, there is no reason not to get it.

Why does it seem to get?
Musharraf Karim: The character of Hubba is amazing. Another character. There are so many layers to his character, then the acting on the emotional side, finally becoming that character and the way the story is told—these are the reasons why the audience will not be disappointed.

Apart from the brutality in the trailer, another aspect of Hubba is noticeable, which is his humorous dialogues. Was he really like that, did you get a chance to talk to any locals?
Musharraf Karim: There was no opportunity to talk about Hubba with any local. And the movie is based on a novel. As I saw in it, he was like that in reality. At the same time mischievous, sometimes very funny.

It’s a biopic. How was the challenge of portraying the character?
Musharraf Karim: There was a challenge. But while doing a biopic of someone, many people give importance to the physical aspect, but I don’t. I basically try to capture the psychological aspect of that character. In that sense I was thinking about the emotional aspects of Hubba. Tried to catch it.

Hubba has been holding for how long?
Musharraf Karim: I’ve talked about capturing a character before. I don’t capture the character through any practice, but first I take the story in mind. And he lives in my mind on his own responsibility. Then slowly after a while I see him.

At the same time you are busy with more work. Sometimes Hubba, sometimes OC Aaron. You have to think about several characters. How does a person hold so many characters together?
Musharraf Karim: I am telling this with an example. Think, an honest shopkeeper. Manohari shopkeeper. If he makes laddoos, the price is 2 rupees. Also make rasgolla, price 4 rupees. But he keeps the quality of laddus in place of laddus, and also the quality of rasagolla. That is, if he is honest, then he holds the laddu, and also holds the rasagolla. It’s like this. Do the work honestly.

You worked with Soumik Halder in this movie. He is a very famous photographer in West Bengal?
Musharraf Karim: Yes, a very friendly person. Excellent photographer.

Filmmaker Bratya Bose has been seen in earlier films, where he tries to tell the story slowly and in a slightly different genre. As such, Hubba in the trailer seems to be a fast and spicy film! Is there any difference between him now?
Musharraf Karim: His (Bratya Bose) style of management personally is the same person. Similarly, Roll says, be happy if the shot is good, be upset if the shot is not good—it’s all the same. But making a Hubba was technically more difficult for him than a dictionary. Because that’s the story.

Sometimes it is seen that someone is a hero to the people of one region, and he may be a villain in another. Hubba is there any such person or possibility of controversy among the people of Hooghly?
Musharraf Karim: (Laughs) Answering this question, the remuneration that I have taken for the movie, needs to be repaid; Then all is said and done.

Not only Hubba, but all over the world now, villains are coming on screen as heroes…
Musharraf Karim: This has been happening in Hollywood for a long time and I always dreamed of it. Heroes, villains, comedians—these ideas are universally created, but I personally don’t want to believe in them. Want to believe, the word is just ‘actor’. If I am trapped in a certain mold, then where am I as an actor! Comedy, tragedy, negative, positive – I want to do all kinds of characters. I want to act as a woman if I get a chance.

Musharraf Karim at Hubbar press conference.  Photo: Collected

As I was saying, the villain becomes the hero of the story. Presenting a bad character as a hero in this way, does it have any effect on the society?
Musharraf Karim: At one time, if someone was a villain, the audience might have thrown shoes at him! But that is the importance of that actor. Now thanks to the internet people watch so much variety of content and they know it’s acting. That’s really amazing. A viewer falls in love with that story or character knowing that. They don’t care if that character is a villain in such and such a place. Rather, it’s a great thing for an actor to kick off his previous image and step into a new role.

Finally said, why will the audience watch ‘Hubba’?
Musharraf Karim: Audiences will come to watch the movie for the story. And love me See, the same mango is also produced in our Rajshahi, and also in Malda there. The taste is the same. In fact, according to the geography, human types are also close. So ‘Hubba’ was here too, is there; That’s why people will watch the movie. Apart from this (1) the movie is getting released in Bangladesh, (2) I have acted in this movie, (3) Sabbai Hubba come to watch; Otherwise I will pay! (Laughs) What is Paita here—the audience will understand that after watching the movie.


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