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Santiago Miguel Casado, new president of Vitartis

Santiago Miguel Casado, new president of Vitartis

The CEO of Grupo Hermi, Santiago Miguel Casado, assumes the presidency of the Food Industry Association of Castilla y León, Vitartis, after ending the mandate of Pedro Ruiz Aragoneses (CEO of Alma Carraovejas), who held the position since March 2021.

At its last meeting, the Board of Directors appointed Santiago Miguel as the new president of the Association – the fifth since it was established in 2009 – and today he was officially presented as such during the General Assembly, which brought together more than 130 partners in the Dehesa de los Canónigos facilities, in the Valladolid town of Pesquera de Duero.

The new president affirms that he assumes the position with “excitement and responsibility.” And he added to the members that he will put all his efforts “to continue the work of my predecessors, following the path of growth of the association and highlighting the role of the food industry in our region. And if it is possible, why not – although it is a more ambitious challenge – at the national level, collaborating with other associations and with the different sectors that are part of the food chain, such as the primary sector and distribution companies. .

Furthermore, Santiago Miguel recalled that Vitartis is a great association, with 15 years of history, which has assumed the representation of the food sector in Castilla y León “thanks to the work of the presidents, the members of the boards of directors and the partners. who have been joining the project.”

The new president wanted to highlight the important weight of the food industry in Castilla y León, not only for quantitative aspects, but also for qualitative ones. “Without a food industry that transforms primary sector production, we would not have food to put on the table,” he said.

“All operators,” he added, “are necessary: ​​farmers, ranchers, industry and distribution. We all contribute to making safe, quality and competitive food available to consumers. And this must be known and valued by society.”

For his part, the host of the General Assembly, the general director of Dehesa de los Canónigos, Iván Sanz, welcomed the members and assured that it is “a pleasure” to host the celebration of this Assembly and “to receive the main agri-food industries in Castilla y León”.

“Industries that are an example of commitment to employment and the territory, which demonstrates the economic and social development that our companies contribute to the region, in addition to being a model of innovation and sustainability. Some values ​​that Dehesa de los Canónigos shares,” said Sanz.

The most important sector

For his part, Pedro Ruiz Aragoneses, who gave a brief summary of his management at the head of Vitartis during these last three years before the General Assembly, assured that they have been years of intense work, “with the responsibility of representing the partners of the sector. currently most important in Castilla y León.”

Ruiz wanted to highlight the “tireless work of the Vitartis team, marked by a frenetic pace of constant projects and activities in the areas of greatest relevance to our sector and the region.”

In fact, he said, in this period 21 projects have been developed – nine regional, ten national and two European – and more than 180 activities, with the participation of almost 5,000 people, as well as the milestone of the second Food Industry Congress of Castilla. and León and the launch of the third.

The outgoing president reminded Vitartis partners that it has been a “convulsive” period, still marked by the consequences of Covid. “We have experienced periods of maximum tension, with the inflationary escalation of raw materials, fuels or the transport crisis.”

Finally, Pedro Ruiz highlighted the work of the Association to continue “promoting and defending our essential activity for the region, the economy and society, especially in the rural area.”

A commendable job, he said, “for revaluing the qualitative differentiation of our products and processes, with values ​​and ethical governance, especially represented in strong social responsibility and sustainable commitment, always from attention to people, as demonstrated by the launch of the Retina project”. And he summarized: “Product, purpose and people, the three ‘p’s’ of Vitartis to grow by growing.”

During the day, Vitartis partners attended a presentation by the director of the Banco Santander Study Center, Concepción Sanz, on the international geopolitical and macroeconomic situation. And another by Juan Carlos Cubeiro, expert in management, leadership and talent transformation (National Management Award 2022), under the title ‘Grow by growing’.

The Assembly ended with a lunch for all members and a visit to the winery facilities.