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Sanjeev Chowdhury’s ‘Sanjeevnama’ is coming

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Sanjeeb Chowdhury is one of the most talented artists of Bengali music. Gave countless timeless songs in his lifetime, which still remain an inspiration to the younger generation. Apart from this, in the world of journalism, he has signed a different level of feature writing. Monday (December 25) was his 59th birthday. On this day, ‘Sanjeev Utsav’ was organized in Dhaka University’s TSC to commemorate this legend.

Musician Joy Shahriar, one of the members of the Sanjeev Utsav Udyapan Parshad, made a shocking announcement on the same day. He said that Sanjeev Chowdhury is bringing a new book. Named ‘Sanjeevnama’.

The book is essentially a memoir. Sanjeeb Chowdhury’s colleagues, loved ones and close people have written about him.

Joy Shahriar said, ‘This memoir about the life and work of late artist-journalist Sanjib Chowdhury, compiled and edited by me, is going to be published at the upcoming Ekushey Book Fair.’

It is known that the Sanjeevnama book is coming from the publishing house Ajab Prakash. Cover by Sanjeeb Chowdhury Tanaya Kingbadanti Chowdhury.

Incidentally, Sanjeev Chowdhury is one of the founders of the popular band ‘Dalchut’. Besides working on the band’s 4 albums, he composed and composed many songs. Among them, ‘I will tell you’, ‘Sea child’, ‘Jochna Vihar’, ‘Gach’, ‘Open your fold’, ‘Swapnabaji’ etc. are notable.

Sanjeeb Chowdhury was born on 25 December 1964 in Makalkandi village of Baniachang upazila of Habiganj district. He breathed his last on November 19, 2007 due to Bi Lateral Cerebral Ischemic Stroke.


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