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Sania got divorced because of Shoaib’s addiction to women

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Shoaib Malik introduced his new wife Sana Javed yesterday. This news has come as a surprise for everyone. Because the Pakistani all-rounder and his Indian tennis star wife Sania Mirza have divorced – no one has heard the news.

Many did not know that actress Sana Javed also broke up with her husband Umair Jaswal. So Shoaib’s third marriage has generated quite a lot of discussion.

Today Sania Mirza’s family issued a statement on her behalf. It was reported that the two had parted ways a few months ago and wished Shoaib well for his new journey.

However, before that, various Pakistani media have reported about the reason for this separation. According to the Pakistani media, Sania took this decision because she was upset about Shoaib’s extramarital affairs.

It is said that Shoaib’s own family is also upset with his behavior. There were no close friends or relatives in his third marriage. Malik’s sisters are also very upset with his behavior.
It has been said in a newspaper, ‘No one from his family was present at Shoaib Malik’s wedding with Sana Javed. Malik’s sisters have expressed a lot of displeasure over the separation with Sania Mirza. It is said that Sania was tired of Malik’s addiction to other women.

Sania or Shoaib never said anything publicly about this. However, Sania sometimes gave suggestive posts on social media. At the beginning of the month, he said in a post, ‘If you create turmoil in your mind, leave him. ‘

In a post on Instagram last Wednesday, he wrote, ‘Marriage is difficult. Divorce is also difficult. Choose your difficulty. Being fat is hard. Staying fit is also difficult. Choose which one to be. It’s hard to stay on edge. Being frugal is also difficult. Whichever hard choice, choose. Life will never be easy. It will always be difficult. But we can choose our hardest. I can choose wisely.’

After that, Sania deleted all pictures with Shoaib Malik from Instagram. After that came the news of Shoaib’s marriage. Meanwhile, Sania’s father Imran Mirza told PTI, ‘It was open. I will say no more than that.’

This comment means that Sania gave the divorce, not Shoaib. ‘Khula’ means, the wife applied for marriage, and if the husband proposed divorce, then the term ‘talaq’ was used.


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