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Sand extraction is going on freely in Meghna

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Sand extraction is going on freely in the Meghna river in Raipura of Narsingdi by illegal dredgers outside the designated area. The riverside towns are under threat of erosion. Locals have also been attacked for protesting. The police arrested two people after the case. The Deputy Commissioner has informed that the lease will be canceled if the sand is extracted illegally.

Last December, the district administration issued a work order banning magnetic dredgers to extract sand at Katlarchar Mauza in Raipura, Narsingdi. A company named M/s Mousumi Dredging Project & Nautical Transport Balumhal obtained the lease on the condition of extracting sand using cutting dredgers.

The company started sand mining without depositing Tk 12 crore 23 lakh 75 thousand as security. Remove the sand from the designated place and move it to the middle of the mouza. More than 15 magnet dredgers are using day and night without complying with the ban of the administration. Houses, educational institutions and agricultural land are under threat of erosion. When they protested, the sand miners attacked the residents on January 15.

Locals complain that their Mauza was at Katlarchar Mauza, one and a half to two kilometers from here. But they didn’t go there. They are mainly picking up sand in the middle of the mouza. When they protested, they were attacked.

Meanwhile, the High Court has ordered the district administration to investigate and submit a report by tomorrow Sunday to stop illegal sand extraction. And if the condition of the lease is violated, the Deputy Commissioner said to cancel it.

Narsingdi Deputy Commissioner Dr. Badiul Alam said, there is no opportunity to lift sand with magnetic dredgers. It is legally prohibited. The lessee can lift the sand with a cutting dredger. I will look into the complaint. The lessee will be called, if he lifts sand with a magnet dredger it is against the law.

Locals have demanded prosecution of those who extract sand outside the designated area and using illegal dredgers.


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