Home News Sánchez charges the "patriots" that do not pay taxes: "The homeland for the right ends in their pockets"

Sánchez charges the "patriots" that do not pay taxes: "The homeland for the right ends in their pockets"

Sánchez charges the "patriots" that do not pay taxes: "The homeland for the right ends in their pockets"

The president and leader of the socialists, Pedro Sánchez, has taken advantage of his participation in the XV Congress of the PSC to charge again against the PP and the Madrid president Isabel Díaz Ayuso, ensuring that “as in Madrid, we already know that the homeland is for the right.” ends up in their pockets” and that “there is nothing more unpatriotic” than defrauding the Treasury.

With these words, Sánchez has tried to attack the Madrid president without citing her and referring to the complaint by the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office, not without controversy, against Díaz Ayuso’s partner, businessman Alberto González Amador, for alleged tax fraud in some bills.

For Ferraz’s leader in Genoa, they are not in a position to “give lessons” on anti-corruption and, therefore, he has recommended that they “pay taxes” in order to “fulfill the country” because, he claimed, it later ends up in the financing of healthcare. , education, pensions and other public services.

The president who moved to Barcelona this Sunday to support Salvador Illa as the new general secretary of the Catalan socialists and their candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat in the next Catalan elections on May 12.

Sánchez has also had words for the main pro-independence parties, Junts and ERC, with whom he simultaneously maintains an agreement that allowed him to be sworn in as president and have them as parliamentary partners in the Cortes.

Since the early elections have been called for 12M, he told Illa before charges and militancy, “all that they (the independentistas) have agreed on is that they do not want you as president.

He drew the candidacy of the former Health Minister of his second government as the alternative to the “resentment” and “revenge” of Puigdemont and Junqueras. Coexistence and progress for the region, he pointed out, go through the acronym of the PSOE.

But those he held most politically responsible for the years of the ‘procés’ were the right and the extreme right, of which he said that their political project seeks to destroy and polarize, since, according to him, Vox would propose a “permanent 155” and the PP “dirty war” and the illegalization of pro-independence formations.

Sánchez said that the PP does not accept that Spain is “diverse” territorially and “plural” politically, alluding to the appeal presented in 2006 by the popular party before the Constitutional Court to raise the unconstitutionality of 114 of the 223 articles of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia.

For the leader of the PSOE the objective was to not allow the “capacity of self-government of Catalonia to increase, when, he said, they themselves have included the content of those articles in other Statutes or have voted in favor of it in other communities.