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Salman F Rahman visited Padma River Dam

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Dhaka-1 Constituency Member of Parliament Salman F Rahman visited the construction project of 32 km dam on Padma river in Doha at a cost of about Tk 2000 crore. He was accompanied by his son Sayan F Rahman. They exchanged skills with the locals in different areas of Doha.

Salman F Rahman went to Dhalarpar of Muksedpur in Doha on Monday morning. He visited the 32 km dam construction project on the Padma river at a cost of about 2 thousand crore rupees.

The project director highlighted various aspects of the ongoing project under the supervision of the army. Meanwhile, the local MP gave various directions regarding the progress of the work. Later, Salman F. Rahman visited the project area by speedboat.

Meanwhile, Salman F Rahman was given a guard of honor by the Doha police in Shinepukur village. He visited different places of Doha and exchanged skills with people from all walks of life.

Salman F Rahman said, ‘I promised you during the election that we will do a lot of work in the area. And my dream is to make Dohar-Nawabganj a model upazila in the whole country.’

He expressed his gratitude for being elected as a Member of Parliament for the second time and highlighted the electoral promises.

Salman F Rahman said, ‘I have spoken to the honorable Prime Minister, he said that Bangladesh will now be made a smart Bangladesh. We will also make these two upazilas smart upazilas.

Salman F. Rahman was congratulated by the locals.


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