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How to Get Your Revenue and Sales Boosted by Video Content

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How to Get Your Revenue and Sales Boosted by Video Content


Sales Boosted by Video content can be a great way to build relationships with customers, increase sales and increase overall revenue for your company. Are you curious about the benefits of using video in your business?

This blog post by Perceptical will explain how video (when done correctly) can increase your revenue and help build a better company.

ROI varies from business to business, but the data is clear

How to Get Your Revenue and Sales Boosted by Video Content
How to Get Your Revenue and Sales Boosted by Video Content

You may not find a single case that shows video content is the right choice for your company. Each business is unique. We often assist clients in launching new products using video. Because of this, we don’t always have clear “before” or “after” metrics.


The data is clear. Video is an important asset that can make a big difference in your sales and marketing efforts. These are just a few examples of the benefits of video.

  • Video and text can be combined on one page. 72% of people will view the video To learn more about a product/service, rather than reading the text.

  • The average conversion rate for websites that use video is 4.8%, while it’s 2.9% for websites that don’t.

  • Video landing pages can increase conversions by 86%


You probably have two questions now that you are aware of the importance of video in your business.


  1. How can we get people to view our entire video?

  2. Who’s the best resource for creating the videos that we need?



How to Get Your Revenue and Sales Boosted by Video Content
How to Get Your Revenue and Sales Boosted by Video Content


It is essential to keep your content simple and make sure your videos address the most pressing questions your buyers have about your product or service.


Video can be as effective as traditional sales processes, and even more so when done correctly, especially in the post COVID world where video and other non-face-to-face content are increasingly crucial for evaluating products and services.


75% of B2B customers prefer remote sales interaction over face-to-face interactions, and 76% believe that remote sales interactions are as effective or better than traditional in-person prospecting.

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These factors will help you keep viewers’ attention and increase your video’s reach.

  • Creativity Video lectures are effective in providing information but will not engage viewers as much as videos with animated explanations, different scenes and other creative elements.

  • Qualitative Poor visual and sound quality is distracting. It is always worthwhile to invest in quality.

  • Context – Does your video provide the right information at the right time in the correct format? It may not grab the buyer’s attention if it is not. A person may be looking for information about your company, but they might be more interested in the details of your products.


How to Get Your Revenue and Sales Boosted by Video Content
How to Get Your Revenue and Sales Boosted by Video Content


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In the past, companies worked with a video company on individual videos. Video is becoming more critical and it is crucial to create consistent, high-quality content in order to stay ahead of your competition.

There are many ways to make videos. If you want to produce high-quality video at large scales and keep consistent output, it is easy to hire a company such as Perceptical on a retainer basis.


You can prove the ROI of video by hiring us and working with our team to put the right metrics in place. Contact us today for a consultation to get started.


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