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Sadly, true left brothers have no votes: Information Minister

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Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud said that even if the left-wing parties announced boycotting the election, it would not have any effect. He made this comment in an exchange of views with journalists in the ministry meeting room at the secretariat on Thursday afternoon.

The left alliance is going to announce the election boycott, when asked about this, the information minister said, ‘I respect the left brothers very much. Because, they are the allies and progressive forces of our liberation war. I also have some leftist thoughts. The main pillar of our party is socialism. That’s why I respect the left.’

‘I also support many of their issues. But sadly true left brothers have no votes, they don’t get people’s support in polls. In Dhaka city, some participated in the mayoral election. But in this city of Dhaka with 3.7 million votes, their number of votes did not cross a thousandth. They have no vote, whether they abstain or not; He has no influence.’

Hasan Mahmud said in response to the question that he expects the percentage of votes to be cast in this election, ‘I expect more votes to be cast in this election than the percentage of votes cast in the United States.’

The Brussels-based International Crisis Group released a report. It has been said that the Awami League government is going to hold elections without an acceptable opponent, which will increase the risk of violence. When asked about this, the minister said that some incidents have happened in our country so far, they are much less than other elections.

“The incidents that have happened in our country so far are much less than the level of violence that occurs in other local government elections in India. Which parties will participate in the elections, whether the public participates widely; That is the main thing. Many famous parties did not participate in the 1970 elections, many famous leaders did not participate. People participated in that election in large numbers. That election was accepted internationally.’

‘That’s why it’s so easy to sit in Brussels and write a report. But if he came to the country and visited the villages, he would have seen how much enthusiasm has been created. They wrote this report a month ago. But they would have corrected the report if they could have seen how election-oriented people are in the last 20 days.’

The minister said, ‘a massive election festival has been created in the country. Everyone participated in this festival today. The election campaign is in full swing across the country. Actually today is the last day of election campaign. Election campaign can be done till 6 am next morning. Elections are going to be held in a fair, beautiful and festive environment. International community including United States, European Union, SAARC countries, OIC also widely accepted this election. They have already sent observers.’

He also said that the people did not accept the announcement of BNP to resist the election or the anti-election campaign. The minister said, ‘BNP’s announcement to prevent the election has been rejected by the people. That is why they are now calling for a boycott of the elections instead of resisting. That is, BNP has retreated.’


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