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Russian ambassador’s statement Awamisulov: BNP

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Claiming that BNP leaders’ interpretation of Russia’s position in the 12th National Assembly election is wrong is unintended and Awami-friendly has been claimed by the party. This claim was made in a statement of BNP sent to the media on Friday.

The statement said, ‘His unwanted, unintended and pro-Awami speech has hurt the democratic sentiments of the people of Bangladesh. All Bangladeshi citizens outside the political circle of Awami League today, have lost their rights and freedom, and are subjugated in their own country. For the last 15 years, people from every class and profession have been subjected to discrimination, injustice and oppression by the corruption—misrule and repression—perpetuated by the xenophobic government.’

Calling the January 7 election a farcical dummy election, the statement said it was a violent fraud on the nation in the name of election, with the aim of illegally, immorally and unconstitutionally prolonging the term of power of the fascist Sheikh Hasina government with the aid and support of self-interested, authoritarian loyal institutions and individuals. .

Criticizing the Election Commission, it further said that, as part of election engineering, the Election Commission had inflated and fabricated claims that the votes had been cast, contrary to the news, information, photos, videos and eyewitness accounts received from polling stations across the country. Less than 5 percent of voters actually went to the polls. By disdainfully rejecting this rigged election of partition, the people who trust in democracy to protect the national independence of Bangladesh have proved that the decision of BNP and 62 pro-democracy political parties to boycott the election is correct and a reflection of the people’s aspirations.

The notification also highlighted the concerns of the United Nations, America, Canada and some international organizations about the election.


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