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Russia warns against US intervention in Bangladesh

by Afonso
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Russia has warned about US interference in Bangladesh around the 12th national elections. The Russian Embassy gave this information in a statement sent to the media, citing Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is said that on December 12 and 13, the anti-government protesters blocked roads, set fire to buses and clashed with the police in various districts of the country. We see the clear involvement of western missions in Dhaka with these events. More specifically, US Ambassador Peter Hasser, as mentioned in the November 22 briefing.

The spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that such anarchy may increase in the coming days and there is a fear of Western restrictions on the government as a tool of pressure. Key industries may be attacked, while several officials may be accused without evidence of obstructing the will of the people in the upcoming January 7 election.

Maria Zakharova said that if America is not satisfied with the results of the election, there may be an attempt to create a situation similar to the Arab Spring in Bangladesh. There is little chance that Washington will back away from interfering in the internal affairs of another sovereign country.

Maria Zakharova also said, “We believe that even after such external attacks, the people of Bangladesh will decide their own affairs.”

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said there is no chance of an ‘Arab Spring’ situation in Bangladesh or US sanctions after the elections. The foreign minister made this comment at the end of a seminar at the capital’s Foreign Service Academy on Sunday morning.

At that time, the minister said, ‘Russia has not officially expressed any fear that the United States may create an Arab Spring-like situation in Bangladesh around the upcoming 12th parliamentary elections. There is no reason for such apprehension.’

Last Friday, in response to a question about the statement of the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, Abdul Momen said, ‘What Russia has said, it is not our issue. It asked them. Many people will say many kinds of things, but we do not want to say anything about it. We are sovereign, our balanced foreign policy. Who said what, did not say, it is their headache. We don’t want to be dragged by the superpowers. We want to continue with our balanced diplomacy.’

The foreign minister also said, ‘I don’t think the Arab Spring has any chance. We are a democratic country. Because of Sheikh Hasina, the country’s democracy is up and running. We will adopt the democratic process in the January 7 election.’


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