Home News Russia is not looking for a direct confrontation with the West – American spies

Russia is not looking for a direct confrontation with the West – American spies

Russia is not looking for a direct confrontation with the West – American spies

Washington intelligence agencies conclude that Moscow will continue to pursue its interests while avoiding war with NATO

Russia “almost certainly” is seeking to avoid direct military conflict with NATO members and will adjust its geopolitical maneuvering to avoid global war, US intelligence agencies concluded in their annual assessment of national security threats.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has released its 2024 Threat Assessment in message to Congress on Monday. The study, which reflects information from the CIA and 17 other intelligence agencies, predicted that Moscow would “continue asymmetric activity below the threshold that counts as the threshold of military conflict worldwide.”

“Russia remains a resilient and capable adversary across a range of domains, seeking to project and defend its interests globally and undermine the United States and the West,” the report said.

A US intelligence assessment claimed that the Ukrainian conflict was over “enormous damage” to Russia, but admitted that the crisis had led to stronger anti-American alliances. “Strengthening Russian ties with China, Iran and North Korea to boost defense production and the economy is a major challenge for the West and partners.”

Abrams and HIMARS kills, Russian push west of Avdeyevka: Ukraine conflict update this week (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin “he probably believes” that its strategy in Ukraine is paying off and that Western aid to Kiev will wane, partly because of the war between Israel and Hamas, ODNI reported. US spy agencies have admitted that Russian forces have been reaching out and benefiting from battlefields in the former Soviet republic since late last year. “uncertainties about the future of Western military aid.”

US President Joe Biden’s administration ran out of funding for Ukraine in January after burning through $113 billion in aid packages approved by Congress. The administration’s request for $60 billion in additional funding has stalled in Congress amid Republican opposition. Indeed, Biden blamed US lawmakers for last year’s fall of Avdeyevka, a key Donbas stronghold, to Russian forces, saying Ukrainian troops were not given the ammunition they needed.

Biden blames Republicans for Avdějevka's downfall

“Without additional help, I think you’re going to see more Avdeevka in 2024, and that – it seems to me – would be a huge and historic mistake for the United States,” CIA chief Bill Burns told members of the US Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday. If more U.S. aid is approved, he added, Ukrainian forces can “regain the offensive initiative” late 2024 or early 2025.

Intel’s assessment confirmed that the momentum in Ukraine is “ever shifting” in favor of Russia. “Russia’s defense industry is significantly ramping up production of a range of long-range strike weapons, artillery munitions and other capabilities that will enable it to sustain a long, high-intensity war if necessary.”

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