Home News Russia and China rejected in the UN Security Council a US proposal calling for a cease-fire in Gaza

Russia and China rejected in the UN Security Council a US proposal calling for a cease-fire in Gaza

Russia and China rejected in the UN Security Council a US proposal calling for a cease-fire in Gaza

Today, the UN Security Council again failed to adopt a resolution calling for an end to the fighting in the Gaza Strip. This time, the United States, which previously vetoed similar texts, came up with the proposal, but Russia and China, i.e. the other two permanent members of the council with the right of veto, opposed it. The head of the Russian mission to the UN said before the vote that the text proposed by the United States did not go far enough.

The American proposal would describe an “immediate and permanent cease-fire” as “necessary” for the protection of Palestinian civilians and for strengthening the supply of humanitarian aid to the residents of the Gaza Strip, which has been plagued by Israel’s war against the radical Hamas movement for the sixth month.

The draft resolution linked the cessation of hostilities to an agreement on the release of hostages held by Hamas since its terrorist attack on Israel last October 7.


The Americans have long not supported calls for a cessation of hostilities, and the fact that they have now made a similar call themselves is seen as further evidence of Washington’s growing dissatisfaction with the Israeli leadership’s approach to the war and the related humanitarian crisis.

However, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield presented the proposed resolution before the vote as a way to pressure Hamas to compromise on the release of the hostages.

However, three members of the Security Council voted against the American proposal, while 11 supported it and one country abstained. In recent months, the US has vetoed three proposals calling for an end to the fighting that has devastated the densely populated Palestinian territory and killed thousands of civilians.

Before the vote, Russian Ambassador Vasiliy Nebenzya called the American resolution politicized and insufficiently tough on Israel. According to him, the US is lying to the international community and in reality they are not demanding a cease-fire.

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