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Russell set fire to his motorcycle to go viral

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TikToker Russell burnt his motorcycle in the hope of increasing page views by making the video viral. His group also thought of advertising online gambling from that page. This information was given by the Detective Police (DB) after the arrest of Russell, who had filed a case against the police.

In Aftabnagar of the capital, Md burnt his motorcycle after filing a case against the traffic police. Russell Mia. He made a video of the scene of burning the motorcycle and spread it on social media to make it viral.

However, the Detective Police (DB) says that Russell’s allegations are not true. A case was filed against one of his friends for violating traffic laws. Russell showed the slip of the case and set fire to his motorcycle worth five lakh rupees in the hope of going viral. He also earned some money from it.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Intelligence Division DIG Harun Or Rashid said, ‘He burnt the Tk 5 lakh motorcycle only to go viral and show people that the traffic police unjustly fined me Tk 5,000. His parents live abroad. He does these things.. He has a group, there are some girls and he does this with them.’

DB also said that Russell of Daulatpur in Manikganj used to introduce Jr. Tiger Shroff on social media. Under this name, he used to post content created by others on Facebook and YouTube, most of which were obscene and illegal. The female members of his group sometimes encouraged the younger generation to gamble online.

Haroon Or Rashid said, ‘He had already opened many gambling sites including One X Bet, B20 Bet. On the one hand, he is making various videos viral through obscene gestures of young boys and girls. He is promoting online. He is doing whatever he wants to go viral.’

DB also said that Russell admitted to setting fire to the motorcycle to go viral.


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