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Rooftop ‘Saccharine’ Festival in Old Dhaka

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Sakrain is the traditional festival of old Dhaka. ‘Sakrain’ is observed on the last day of Poush month of Bengali calendar. Although the festival belongs to traditional religions, everyone has been celebrating Sakrain festival with great fanfare in Old Dhaka for many years.

The traditional saccharine festival of Old Dhaka is also called “Poush Sankranti” or Kite Festival.

Kites fly across the blue sky. Bangla-Hindi songs are playing loudly in the soundbox. Young boys are also dancing in this festival. Sometimes fireworks are bursting loudly. Lantern flying is also organized at night. Meanwhile, kite-flying sales are booming in Old Dhaka due to the festival.

Saccharine festival is also known as Pousha Sankranti, kite festival of Bengalis. The Sanskrit word “Sankranti” has been corrupted into Saccharine. At the junction of Paush and Magha months, the last day of Paush month is celebrated as Sankranti all over India. But in old Dhaka, Paush Sankranti or Saccharine took the form of a universal Dhaka festival.

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has banned loud firecrackers and lanterns on the day of Poush-Sankranti or Saccharine festival. Although the law and order forces have discouraged the flying of lanterns and crackers, no one has heeded it.

As a result, although it was somewhat bearable on Saturday night, from Sunday (January 14) morning, the residents of Old Dhaka were forced to leave their homes. Besides, in some places small children were seen crying incessantly due to loud noises.


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