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Ronaldo’s team made Messi feel like Saudi Arabia with half a dozen goals

by Afonso
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Cristiano Ronaldo, who is in the final stages of his recovery from injury, will not be there, Al Nasr coach announced the news the day before. That’s the end of the attraction about the match. Who cares about Inter Miami and Al Nasr, this match was the latest staging of Ronaldo-Messi duel!

Regardless of Ronaldo’s absence, Lionel Messi was rested almost the entire time. Only in the last 7 minutes have they collected the money of the audience who bought tickets.

But what happened before that, sitting on the bench, Messi realized that despite being behind in the rankings, the Saudi League has benefited from pouring money into ‘Gauri Sen’ in the last two years. Messi’s Inter Miami lost 6-0 to Ronaldo’s Al Nasr!

The US club lost 4-3 with Neymar-less Al Hilal in the first match of their visit to Saudi Arabia. Messi was still able to compete in that match. But on Thursday night, Ronaldo-less Al Nasr played like a child against Miami.

Of course, there can be a big argument in favor of Inter Miami, where Miami has just started pre-season preparations before the MLS, Ronaldo has played more than half of the matches in the Saudi League! In fitness, there is no comparison between the two teams!

Messi entered the field in the 83rd minute as a replacement for Leonardo Campania. Then Miami trailed 6-0. 36-year-old Messi could not do much on the field.

On this day, Al Nasser dominated the match from the start of the match at the Kingdom Arena. In the third minute of the match, Portuguese midfielder Otavio’s goal led Castro’s disciples. Al Nasr scored two more goals in a span of 9 minutes. Anderson Taliska scored in the 10th minute of the match and Aymeric Laporte scored in the 12th minute.

Laporte’s goal is eye-catching! Al Nasr received a free-kick from their own half, seeing the Miami goalkeeper standing far ahead of the post, Laporte shot the free-kick towards the post. Ball in the net!

Luis Suarez-Sergio Busquets went into the break trailing 3-0. Nasr scored three times in the second half. Messi had nothing to do but watch the one-sided goal celebration from the bench. Taliska scored the fourth goal of the match from a spot kick in the 51st minute. Saudi Arabian midfielder Mohammad Maran increased the goal gap in 68 minutes.

Taliska put the last nail in Miami’s coffin 17 minutes before the scheduled time of the match. The hat-trick was completed by the 30-year-old Brazil striker. When Miami trailed 6-0, Messi entered the field in the 83rd minute. After that there was no more goal in the match.

However, the situation of the match cannot be understood by looking at the scoreline. Suarez-Busquets had the ball 47 percent of the time. But Miami failed on offense. Al Nasr took 21 shots, 14 of which were on target. On the other hand, Miami had only 3 of 12 shots on target.

Miami remained winless in 12 consecutive matches with the match of Al Nasr. Miami’s best success in four pre-season games was a goalless draw with El Salvador. Messi has lost in the remaining three. Miami will play against the Hong Kong XI in the next warm-up match on February 4. On the other hand, Al Nasr will play against Al Hilal in the league next week.


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