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Ronaldo is bisexual, Messi is divorced, and Neymar is transgender

by Afonso
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Over the past year, Mhoney Vidente has become quite famous for predicting tarot cards. Earlier, this Cuban transgender fortune teller came to discuss pop artist Shakira by reading cards. However, the predictions made for the year 2024 have caused a stir in the football world.

Vidente says Cristiano Ronaldo is bisexual, Messi to divorce wife and Neymar to open up about transgender partner, Tarot card reading

Maybe they are no longer in Europe, but the three biggest stars in football today are still Messi-Ronaldo-Neymar. That is why Vidente was asked to know how the new year will be for the three of them.

Maybe he wanted to know about football. Messi and Ronaldo will participate in the continental tournament in the middle of the year. Neymar was also supposed to play, but injury is likely to keep him out of the Copa America.

But Vidente has read directly about the personal lives of footballers, not football. First took out the card for Ronaldo and said, ‘I see one, Cristiano Ronaldo. He will come out of the hidden life. He is bisexual, he desires both boys and girls. But now that Georgina (Ronaldo’s girlfriend) is pregnant, she wants to tell everyone the truth.’

Ronaldo has a child with Georgina Rodriguez. There is no news yet that she is pregnant again. But no one cares much about it. Vidente’s prediction about Ronaldo’s sexual preferences is what caused the storm. While homosexuality has become more common in women’s soccer, no top player in boys’ soccer has yet come out as gay.

Ronaldo’s surprise is not over. Vidente also made big predictions about Messi and Neymar, ‘Messi’s card says that there will be some changes that will have an impact. Messi will divorce. Neymar will talk about having a relationship with a Brazilian transgender and it will be a big event for his country.’

If something like that actually happens, it will be a big event not only in Brazil, but in the whole world. Earlier, Neymar’s former teammate Kylian Mbappe was seen choosing a transgender partner. But it will make a bigger stir if Messi gets divorced. Messi has been in love since his youth with Antonella Roccuzzo, the mother of his three children.

After the 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Japan last January 1, Vidente’s prediction is gaining importance to people. Because on December 29, 2024, while reading the cards, Vidente said, ‘It is going to be an earthquake year. This year the environment will change; This year is the year of the movement of the world.’ A lot can be predicted with such vague words. But this is why people are looking at Vidente with importance.

The Cuban prophet himself is transgender. Born male, Rafael Martínez de León realizes as a teenager that he is comfortable as a woman even though nature made him a man. So he changed himself by undergoing surgery three times.


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