Home News Roman Sana mentally tortures the rest of the archers

Roman Sana mentally tortures the rest of the archers

Roman Sana mentally tortures the rest of the archers

Roman Sana suddenly retired on March 3. The Archery Federation is responsible for the retirement of the first archer to win a medal on the international stage for the country. He claims that he has not benefited financially from playing in the national team for so many years.

The 28-year-old Archer’s announcement caused a stir. Federation officials are also being criticized. In response to this, the general secretary of the federation Kazi Rajeev Uddin Chapal claimed that Roman Sana is mentally ill, used to torture mentally to ensure that no archer could surpass him, because of him a top female archer left the game!

The general secretary of the federation gave an interview to the media about the retirement of this archer who got a direct chance at the Olympics. One bomb after another exploded there.

The Federation accepted the letter of retirement sent by Roman Sana yesterday. Regarding whether the federation is taking any initiative to bring him back, Chappal said, ‘It is purely his personal decision. He mentioned personal reasons in the letter as well. He was not excluded from the national team. He himself left the camp. It is true, his performance has not been good for the past few months. It should be understood that the coach and the selection committee have a role in the selection of each team. He started to answer the question normally but ended with the hint, ‘There is no use in ruining the whole camp for one person.’

A woman said about whether the news of Archer leaving the camp because of Roman is true, ‘I have also heard. That girl was the top player at Recurve. But she was brighter than Diya (Diya Siddiqui). That was the case before Corona.’ Why the Federation did not take action in this regard, his explanation, ‘He is so hot, what can I say? Says, “Sir, I often say many things without understanding. I am like your child. Forgive me.”

General Secretary of the Federation with Roman Sana.  Photo: Collected

Even so, Roman has made such an incident. Roman Sana was banned by the federation for two years in November 2022 for physically assaulting a female archer. However, the organization lifted the ban conditionally in March 2023. But the International Archery Federation voluntarily banned such a serious crime. Later returned from ban in late 2023.

In this regard, Chappell charges against Roman, ‘He has broken every condition under which he returned (after being banned). We did not give him this ban. The world gave archery.’

Roman married teammate Dia Siddiqui in July last year. With this archer, he won silver in mixed doubles at the 2021 Archery World Cup. Bangladesh reached the final of an event only once on the world stage. However, the general secretary claimed that such a good relationship between the two has had a negative effect on the federation. But the coach allowed it. We didn’t say anything. Roman is given extra importance. Coach asked, what to do? But according to his words, a federation cannot run.’

After the announcement of retirement, Roman said that he received only 3 thousand rupees from the federation. In this context, the general secretary’s argument is that this game is not a professional game, so it is not possible to pay a fixed salary. However, he claimed to have helped Roman a lot financially, ‘He got more than lakhs of rupees from me. I would give 1000 euros if I won gold. He won’t say them. I have all the evidence.’

Roman said that he retired because he didn’t get anything after playing for so many years, but Chappal also denied that, ‘I made Archer today because I went to Ansar. He is getting money from Ansar. How did he build a 5-storey house in Khulna after spending 50-55 lakhs without getting anything from the sports arena?’

It is also said that Roman is a mental patient, this archer would not want any other archer to do well, ‘these psychological problems. Happens twice a year. Many families have psycho patients. They want more. They keep thinking that I will get everything. No one else will get it.’

After that, Chapal made a lot of accusations against Roman. Said, Roman used to try so that his substitute was not made in the national team, but in a negative way, ‘the matter of making a substitute for Roman has come up many times. He didn’t let anyone get up. Every archer was mentally tortured. I went on tour and asked each player individually about him. Many have complained against him.’